Onyx & Breezy Foundation Encourages Pet Owners to Have Their Pets Spayed or Neutered -- Humane Society of the U.S Annual Spay Day Feb. 26

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The Onyx & Breezy Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting no-kill animal shelters, research to promote animal health, and programs that leverage the power of animals to help people heal, encourages pet owners to consider spaying or neutering their pets to help control the pet overpopulation and reduce the number of animals euthanized each year.

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that every year -- in the United States alone -- more than 25 million puppies and kittens are born because of the uncontrolled breeding of pets. Tragically, statistics also show that approximately 12 million of those pets are euthanized each year either because they have been taken from the streets or because they have been given up by their owners to shelters that choose not to follow no-kill policies. Help The Onyx & Breezy Foundation and its community partners reduce the number of animals put to death by having your pets spayed or neutered.

The Humane Society of the United States' annual Spay Day on Feb. 26, 2008 is an excellent time to take action on behalf of your pet and the many other animals that never find their way into loving homes.

If you hesitate to spay or neuter your pet because of the pain you feel it may cause or because of the potential long-term hormonal effects, be comforted -- the procedure has actually been linked with better health and longer lives in companion animals. Having the procedure done at an early age maximizes your pet's health benefits and allows your pet utmost freedom without the chance of contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.

"Besides the inherent health benefits of spaying or neutering our pets, including reducing the risk of mammary and reproductive cancers, uterine infection, prostatic disease and behavioral problems, spaying or neutering is the single most significant way to reduce the abandonment, abuse and unnecessary death of unwanted animals," says Dr. Kathy Hefner, DVM and Medical Advisor to The Onyx & Breezy Foundation.

The typical cost to have a cat or dog spayed or neutered is $100-$200. It remains one the best bargains in animal health care. But, if you have trouble affording the cost of having your pet spayed or neutered, consider these resources:

  • Visit your local animal shelter. They may operate a local clinic or know of a clinic that offers subsidized services. They may also offer vouchers to have your pet spayed or neutered at a lower cost by local, private veterinarians. You can find your shelter by searching online at http://www.Pets911.com.
  • Call SPAY/USA. SPAY/USA is a national spay/neuter referral network that may be able to direct you to subsidized spay/neuter clinics in your area. SPAY/USA can be reached at 1-800-248-SPAY or you can go to their web site at http://www.spayusa.org.
  • Consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may be able to work out special financing options for you. Remember that, even if you pay full price for the procedures, spaying or neutering is a one-time cost with a lifetime of benefits.

"The Onyx & Breezy Foundation commends and is proud to support the population control efforts of local shelters and rescue groups and encourages the animal friendly community to do the same," adds Dr. Hefner.

If you want to do more to solve the pet overpopulation problem and comfort those animals that may never find a home otherwise, reach out to your local shelter and volunteer your time or make a donation to support the shelter's spay/neuter programs.

The Onyx and Breezy Foundation is a nonprofit foundation, which provides support to nonprofit animal welfare organizations that find permanent, loving homes for abandoned animals while addressing animal health care concerns in a no-kill setting, including organizations that facilitate animal fostering programs and those providing care in a more permanent facility. The foundation also supports organizations that conduct research focused on extending the lives of companion animals or assuring quality of life for companion animals that are ill. Finally, the foundation supports organizations involved in leveraging the power of animals to help their human companions heal. To learn more, go to http://www.onyxandbreezy.org.

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