The Best Kept Secret in Engine Protection Has Just Been Leaked

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Up and coming site offers a rare and effective engine metal treatment that can provide vast improvements to a variety of vehicles.

A revolutionary engine product is becoming more available to the public thanks to For years, specialized mechanics in the aircraft, racing and transport industries have been using a product called Microlon to increase their engine's performance and life. This remarkable invention helps reduce friction in all functions of the engine, making it more efficient and causing less overall wear. This promotes a list of benefits, like increased gas mileage, more horsepower and longer engine life.

It's important to distinguish this treatment from oil or fuel additives. Microlon engine metal treatment gives more effective friction reduction than any lubricant on the market today, yet it works in conjunction with conventional lube to give optimal performance and protection. The treatment is so effective, it lasts the entire life of an engine and never wears out. In addition to improved gas mileage and horsepower, the more efficient engine will have reduced exhaust emissions, thus protecting the environment.

In fact, studies show that engines treated with Microlon have reduced hydrocarbon emissions by 24 percent, carbon monoxide by 43 percent and nitrous oxide by 21 percent. An independent study by Porsche revealed that the treatment increased fuel economy by almost 10 percent. By that measure, the savings that a customer will experience will pay for the product in the first year alone. A motorcycle company reported an 11 percent increase in horsepower in one of their main models. Many other tests results show astonishing improvements in other factors of engine performance, all of which are available on the website.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, only 12 percent of the energy from the gasoline burned in an automobile engine goes to moving the tires; the remaining energy gets wasted in various ways. By far, the largest waste is due to engine friction, constituting 62 percent of the initial energy supply. Much of this friction is due to metal-on-metal contact. By adding Microlon, high quality resins embed themselves into the metal, making the surface contact points very slippery, thus allowing more energy to affect the drive train.

Clearly, the benefits of this technology are extensive, and they apply to diesel and gas engines, aircraft, boat and snowmobile engines. On top of the performance benefits, the one-time use is only about twice as expensive as a regular oil change, and most consumers can do the installation themselves. To further entice its interested parties, the site is now offering Microlon at a 10 percent discount from the factory direct price, as well as free shipping on all orders. Visit to get more information about engine protection with this revolutionary product.

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