The Tax Lady Roni Deutch Help Clients Owing The IRS Nearly $1 Million Through Streamlined Installment Agreements

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In the first month of 2008, Roni Deutch - known across the nation as The Tax Lady - helped a group of taxpayers find quick relief through Streamlined Installment Agreements with the IRS. The Tax Lady's firm negotiated average monthly payments of $257 for taxpayers that collectively owed the IRS $908,648.00.

Our nation's economy isn't in the same state it was ten years ago

In January 2008, The Tax Lady Roni Deutch, and her law firm, helped clients owing the IRS in aggregate $908.648.00 quickly resolve their tax debts through Streamlined Installment Agreements (SIA).

"Finding out you owe back taxes to the IRS can be frightening, especially during tax season," claims The Tax Lady Roni Deutch. "Fortunately, if you meet certain qualifications, you can settle your tax liabilities in under a few weeks with a Streamlined Installment Agreement. Then you can repay your tax liabilities through easy to manage monthly payments."

In January 2008, Ms. Deutch and her law firm, Roni Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation, represented a group of taxpayers that owed in aggregate nearly $1 million to the IRS. On average, each client owed approximately $14,000.00. By negotiating with the IRS, Ms. Deutch and her law firm were able to get these clients on installment plans averaging only $256.97 per month. Some of the monthly amounts were even as low as $35.00. For more information, see the attached chart.

"Our nation's economy isn't in the same state it was ten years ago," claims Ms. Deutch. "Every day we hear new stories about record high home foreclosure rates across the country. When someone falls into debt and has to struggle to put food on the table, repaying Uncle Sam is probably their last priority. Fortunately, an Installment Agreement allows these taxpayers to get themselves back on track and repay the IRS through low, manageable monthly payments."

Depending on a taxpayer's unique financial situation and the amount of time left that the IRS has to collect a liability, an Installment Agreement may (IA) pay back all or part of the total back taxes owed. Fortunately, once an IA is established the IRS will suspend all of their collection efforts and will refrain from sending any further notices or making phone calls about the debt.

However, with an IA, the taxpayer must prove to the IRS the amount they can afford to pay by providing detailed financial information concerning monthly income and expenses. This can sometimes be an intrusive and time-consuming process. Monthly expenses are further reduced due to the IRS using national averages for food, clothing, personal care, and entertainment expenses, and local averages for housing and utility expenses.

SIAs are one of the variations of the IRS' popular Installment Agreement program. With an SIA clients can find relief quickly. The IRS also does not request extensive financial information to determine the monthly payment amount. It is simply based upon how much you owe. There are, however, some specific requirements taxpayers must meet to qualify. These qualifications include:

  • Total tax liability cannot exceed $25,000.00.
  • Must completely repay taxes within 60 months, or before the statues of limitations expire.
  • Taxpayer must be in compliance with filing all necessary tax returns.
  • Taxpayer may be requested to prove that he or she cannot immediately pay the total tax liability

"Streamlined Installment Agreements are only one of the various services that my law firm offers," states Ms. Deutch. "My firm's experienced tax lawyers examine each potential client's financial and tax debt situation before providing him or her with the best available options." The Tax Lady's firm offers a variety of tax relief services including: offer in compromise, currently not collectible status, wage garnishment release, bank levy release, revenue officer assistance, payroll tax representation, tax account review, and full pay service.

Millions of people recognize tax attorney Roni Deutch as The Tax Lady. She has been helping taxpayers nationwide resolve their tax liabilities for over sixteen years. As an industry leader, she has saved her clients tens of millions of dollars and has helped thousands of families settle their back taxes.

About Roni Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation:
Roni Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation is a nationally recognized law firm that has been helping clients find solutions to their back tax liabilities for over sixteen years. To find out more about the firm or its services, visit their website at or call 1-888-TAX-LADY. To learn more about The Tax Lady herself, you can visit Roni's Blog or her official MySpace page.

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