Niche Job Boards Network NICHECLASSIFIEDS.COM Adding Regionally Focused Job Boards To It's Existing Industry and Skill Specific Group

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Niche job boards are very beneficial for Industry Professionals. Pros from all industries are recognizing that niche and industry specific job boards are a smart choice. Though many professionals choose to refrain from posting their resume, in fear their own employer might see it, they do fhowever requently browse the job postings. Many niche job boards (I.E. a part of the Network) attract Industry professionals who have two or more years of experience. is now moving into regional job boards like and which will all hub at

Many customers have told us that they found their current job on our boards and they frequent our industry job boards just to see what's going on within the industry

Where do Industry Professionals go when it comes to on-line job search?

Niche job boards are as hot as ever. Typically there are two types, Industry or skill focused and regional or area focused. Recently, a network of regional job boards was purchased by a holding company owned by one of the largest private equity firms in the world. ( or ) is another network of niche job boards which focuses on job boards by industry. Industry specific job boards are tremendous for attracting experienced pros however people who just need a job are more likely to visit a job board focused on a geographical area. Niche Classifieds is now adding regional boards, which will hub at, to it's exisiting network of nearly 300 industry or skill focused job boards.

For industry professionals, searching job boards within their particular industry saves time and keeps them aware of which companies are growing. ( ) is attracting professionals within the Green Industry who visit the site routinely as well as ( ) not always because they are actively looking for another job but just to see who's doing what.

Industry professionals many times choose not to post a resume in fear that their own employer might see it. What they do however is stop back on a regular basis according to Dean Davis of, "Many customers have told us that they found their current job on our boards and they frequent our industry job boards just to see what's going on within the industry". It becomes part of their daily on-line routine and or course bookmarked. plans on increasing the visibility of other niche job boards such as,, for people who work at night, and as well as close to 300 others going forward. Plans now include regional job boards like, and which will hub at LocalHelpWanted will list jobs from all areas of the country and will include zip code search for job seekers.

In addition to job boards, niche is the way forward for other classifieds too. has growth plans into niche personals with sites like,, and every other major city in the USA and some abroad. These sites will become more than simple personals as they will be social networking sites for all affinity groups. They will however also serve job boards adding to the regional approach.

Niche job boards are here to stay and as time goes on the likely-hood that industry boards will attract more professionals is strong. Blue collar or entry level workers are using the regional and general boards with greater frequency now but as they gain experience in any given field they become aware of the industry sites.

Recruiting and staffing firms also find industry targeted job boards a terrific way to find candidates with the skill sets they are looking for. Though the niche boards often have fewer jobs listed, they can be more efficient in delivering the candidates with strong professional industry experience.


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