Takes Controversy Beyond Wikis and Blogs: A New Twist Brings Diverse Contributors to the Same Table

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A new website launches this week to fill the gaps left by Wikipedia and blogging. is a knowledge networking site dedicated to controversial topics, where all parties with different views are invited to participate. aims to tap original research and original authors, which are specifically excluded from Wikipedia. It is organized by subject to set opposing bloggers side-by-side. takes controversy beyond wikis and blogs: A new twist brings diverse contributors to the same table.

This week, launches as a next generation alternative to both wikis and blogging. The name "KNOWetal" was derived because it is a knowledge networking site ("KNOW") dedicated to topics where the facts are controversial, and all parties with different views are invited to participate (from the Latin "et al").

Wikipedia represents a first generation knowledge networking site. One primary feature makes a second generation solution: Tapping original research and original authors, items that are specifically banned from Wikipedia because of copyright issues. Because Wikipedia is committed to third party neutrality, their policies have evolved to exclude contributions from the original authors. By excluding original authors and original material for areas which are controversial actually limits knowledge; it keeps the people who are most knowledgeable about the subject off the playing field. However, contributors to will be able to post copyrighted research online, giving readers access to information that is not available elsewhere on the web.

" takes blogging to a new level," says Mike Ferrantino, web editor for KNOWetal. "Today, internet blogs have a few problems. First, searching the internet to find specific topics in internet blogs can be difficult. is organized by subject, to allow persons searching the web to be able to find all the pertinent information in one place. Secondly, blogs can sometimes be dominated by opinions, not facts. is looking for authors and contributors who are bringing original research to the party to be moderators. Each invitee will moderate their own sub-forum, and can post their own research, and control the direction of the discussion within that sub-forum. However, the opposite view will be represented in the next sub-forum."

"We are launching the site this week with the first topic of Bible Accuracy. Our team chose the topic because there are a lot of people who are passionate about the subject," says Ferrantino. "We don't want sanitized third party neutrality. We want to hear from various authors and the publishers who have laid down the gauntlet to the "standard" position. The release of Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Surprising Bias of the Old Testament by A. Frances Werner provides a challenge to the publishing industry to set quality standards for bible translations."

"Take a look at my postings on I've seeded the site with a lot of questions based upon actual data to get the discussion started. Why isn't there a quick way for a consumer to find out about the quality of the text? Why is there such a discrepancy between the original vocabulary and the English vocabulary?" questions A. Frances Werner. "I could never get these types of question raised within Wikipedia, nor would I have the opportunity present my data. And if I did my own blog on my own website, what would bring publishers or authors to the table to present an alternate view?"

KNOWetal has the potential to break new ground improving on wikis and blogs. If you are an author with a book or journal article in the area of bible translation, you may want to represent your work in a sub-forum on If you are a blogger covering a lot of different subjects, but have information on bible accuracy or another topic, you may want to simply post an individual blog as a reply in the correct category.

"Let me know if you believe you have original research which should be contributed to the Bible Accuracy forum. And if you have original research that you want to contribute to KNOWetal in topics beyond bible accuracy, help us fashion the appropriate forum. Propose it to me at my web editor e-mail," says Ferrantino. "Remember, we are looking for real data, not just opinions."

Kevin DeLuca, web designer mentioned, "We will see how this evolves. We will probably need a new technology, different than a wiki or a blog to complete the process to fully become a third generation knowledge networking site. The first step is to get the players together on the field. I'm excited that can be a new organizing principle for knowledge on the internet." is using vBulletin 3.6.8, created by Jelsoft Enterprises Limited.

Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Surprising Bias in the Old Testament by A. Frances Werner, copyright 2007, ARTB® Publishing, is available for sale at

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