Launches Blog for Parents of Autistic Children

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Mike Worthley of has been offering educational aids for parents of autistic children for over a year. Now he has opened, where those parents and other educators can come together to discuss working methods and techniques, as well as sharing their stories about dealing with autism in their families.

When his daughter Olivia was diagnosed with autism four years ago, Mike Worthley dedicated himself to researching the condition and how best to overcome the limitations and difficulties it presents. His years of study on the subject led to the creation of, a storehouse of information and products revolving around the world of autism. "I discovered these products, tried them with Olivia, liked them, and decided I needed to share them with the rest of the world," explains Mike. "I find something good to share with the autistic community, then I do what I can to get it out there."

Autism is a growing issue, with 1 in 150 children being diagnosed with various levels of autism and related disorders. "It's bigger than any childhood ailment, and no one is paying attention to it," says Mike, who has grown very active in the online community of autistic parents. "There are things we can do as parents that can really help with the autistic symptoms of our kids. I'm suggesting things that I've tried that have had a positive effect on my own child, and I'm bringing them to market. It's shameful that a lot of these therapies and nutritional items aren't covered by insurance."

As part of his goal to help bring these products to the attention of the autism community, Mike has begun a blog at, where his customers can read articles about his products, new studies in the field of autism, and advice from other parents of autistic children. "I'm constantly doing research, taking input from other parents as far as what is working for them," says Mike, who hopes the blog will be as beneficial to him as it will be to his customers. "I'm hoping to bring access to things like ABA, which is a type of therapy for autistic children. We used a product that is close to Floor Time, which is another product that's out there. I'm looking to make sure that people have more than one resource on my site; I want to take it to the point where if you want to have a home speech therapy course, you can come to my site, find it, buy it, or get the information to find out what you can do on your own."

Mike wants to focus equally on positive stories and informational facts. "I'm going to have a Feel Good section. There are success stories that people aren't hearing about. My own daughter made the Honor Roll in a normal first grade class -- that's a feel-good story. I want it to be a positive, uplifting experience," says Mike, who sees community support as vital to his business. "I plan on putting articles up, and I'm trying to put up as much independent research as I can. It's going to be an opinion blog, of course."

One of the major areas of research that Mike has studied is the connection between mercury poisoning and autism. "I think a lot of symptoms of autism match up perfectly with mercury poisoning," he explains, going into detail with his articles and giving strong opinions on childhood vaccinations and Thimerasol, as well as products like PCA-Rx, which remove harmful mercury from children. "There will be nothing on the site or on the blog that I haven't tried personally, as a parent," explains Mike, who focuses always on the welfare of the children. "Everything is thoroughly researched; anything on there will only go out if there have been major testimonials from parents. I'm the parent of an autistic child; that's the number one thing."

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