Webmaster Seeks to Centralize Global Warming Research Manuals on Website

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The webmaster of Consequences of Global Warming hopes that his website answers the question of whether the phenomenon is occurring.

Uncertainty still looms abound as to whether or not global warming exists and is caused by humans. This has caused the webmaster of Consequences of Global Warming to create a website to serve as a centralized location of thesis statements and research manuals on global warming to that the debate about whether the phenomenon is occurring or not can be set aside for more proactive solutions.

The overuse and abuse of fossil fuels is leading to a climate-changing event called global warming that threatens to alter human life. The website ConsequencesOfGlobalWarming.com is a great resource for those interested in learning more about the consequences of global warming. The site has polls and sections regarding temperature, species affected, the ecosystem, the transportation problem, sea levels, the economic effect, and the disease factor. The most informative section of ConsequencesOfGlobalWarming.com is the articles section, where readers can learn more about global warming.

Spearheaded by former Vice President Al Gore, the case for global warming has now reached epic proportions. The webmaster explains that the world can no longer ignore this phenomenon, lest succumb to the wrath our actions cause on the environment. Some of the articles on ConsequencesOfGlobalWarming.com include the "causes of global warming," the "effects of global warming", the "facts about global warming", polls, and the site even offers some solutions to the problem of global warming.

Another great feature of ConsequencesOfGlobalWarming.com is their link to other sites on the web where global warming is the central issue. The Webmaster feels that the public has to know what is going and succumb to their 'need to know' status. Sadly, this is not a political issue, as some politicians have deemed this out to be. This is an international issue that needs to be addressed.


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