Dinosaur Truth Exposed, Noah's Ark Discoveries on Mount Ararat, Is There an Evolution Conspiracy?

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David Larsen's book, Dinosaurs on the Ark, separates fact from fiction with straightforward honesty and answers many questions regarding the past: Could dinosaurs still exist in remote corners of the earth? How has belief in evolution polluted historians' understanding of the past? What is the truth about the existence and location of Noah's Ark? How are all these questions tied together?

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Flash: Dinosaurs are not extinct! Neither did they exist millions of years ago, nor did a fictitious asteroid wipe them out. How have we been duped? Better yet, why have we been duped? The truth is that dinosaurs and men have always coexisted, and several of the major dinosaur kinds still exist in remote jungles of the earth. To learn more, visit the website, http://www.searchnoahsark.com or see the author's book, Dinosaurs on the Ark.

Flash: In recent years, reported "discoveries" of Noah's Ark have proliferated. The truth is that the ark does exist, and it will be re-discovered and properly documented soon, but it has not been located on either Mt. Suleiman or Mt. Sabalon in Iran as some have recently claimed. Nor has a recent Hong Kong expedition to Mt. Ararat in Turkey found anything more than a cave. If you want to know more about eyewitnesses to the ark, and the ongoing search, check out the website and the book.

Flash: What would the discovery of Noah's Ark mean? (1) The fossil record is a remnant of one life-ending, world-changing flood just 4,500 years ago (and the fossil record includes the dinosaurs). (2) There is no fossil record of any "evolutionary" process. (3) There is a God who speaks to man and desires to save him. (4) The biblical account of history is true and unparalleled amongst the world's religious or historic literature. Why are the ramifications not discussed in schools? Want to know more?

Flash: The story of evolution is not just poor science, it is, at its very roots, an intentional deception, and it is at the root of a moral meltdown of society. Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man (Hesperopithecus), Lucy -- all famous (or infamous!) fossils reputedly demonstrating human evolution are fraught with imaginative speculation and outright fraud. In fact, human artifacts have been found at virtually all levels of the fossil record all the way 'back' to the trilobites. Curious? Read the book.        

David Larsen, author of the book "Dinosaurs on the Ark" is regularly speaking, teaching and traveling. To book an appointment or to contact the author please visit

David Larsen, GodCre8ed Ministries

For more news and truth about Noah's Ark, Dinosaurs and Evolution, please visit http://www.godcre8dministries.com or http://www.searchnoahsark.com


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