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Corporate Social Responsibility is more than buzz. It's a movement. As its pioneering voice, Will Marre' believes it will be the catalyst for worldwide change. Through his video blog, Marre' intends to expand the industry voice and reach. Ultimately, he envisions corporations and capitalism becoming the great engine that helps create the greatest worldwide disruptive change since Henry Ford and Demming revolutionized manufacturing.

"Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer relegated to a PR afterthought of corporations," comments Will Marre', CEO and the voice behind, a new media hub to help organizations quickly and effectively gain insights into this critical emerging movement.

Mark Effinger, founder and CEO of RichContent, announced today that his media broadcast company is launching Will Marre's daily video blogs and commentary on a new multi-media blogging site, Effinger said, "Marre's voice is ideal for our times. Anyone who is conscious of the personal, social, and environmental challenges we face today wants insightful, practical ideas on how to navigate the present and create a better future." Effinger continues: "And one of today's great original thinkers is Will Marre. We intend to build a very key audience during this critical election year."

Twenty-five years ago Marre co-founded the Covey Leadership Center. As President he was instrumental in bringing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to millions around the world.

Marre is also a personal leadership coach and advisor to multi-billion dollar global company CEOs. For the past 10 years he has focused on making Corporate Social Responsibility strategic. His work has helped public traded companies forge working alliances with non-profits and helped non-profits find corporate partners. Marre' is co-founder of Seacology (, an innovative non-profit dedicated to saving the rainforests and coral reefs of tropical islands while preserving indigenous cultures. Seacology has already saved over 157,00 island acres and nearly 2 million acres of coral reef.

As a way to show business and ecology working in harmony, Marre with co-founder Dr. Paul Cox created a strategic relationship with a huge international skin-care company which agreed to use botanical ingredients found in tropical island plants in a popular line of products for which they pay a 25-cents-per bottle royalty which helps fund Seacology projects.

Marre believes there are 5 key elements of Corporate Social Responsibility. "This virtuous cycle:
Heals the planet,
Promotes social equity,
Provides financial sustainability,
Applies to individuals, and
Is the heart of corporate social responsibility."

His new book (published by Capital Books in early 2009) is titled "Change the World and Still Be Home For Dinner" and subtitled "How to Become a Force for Good While Living the Good Life." The book and study guide focuses on how individuals can direct their talents toward business opportunities and employers that are directly contributing to social or environmental benefits.

Marre states, "Every problem is an opportunity. In the next decades we will have to re-invent every product we use to be ecologically friendly, energy efficient and recyclable". Just the opportunity to change all the light bulbs in the world has a mind-boggling upside." He goes on, "The opportunities to lift billions of people from poverty, educate billions to live in the 21st century and unlock the keys to sustainable living and sustainable relationships means we need an unlimited supply of social entrepreneurs."

Effinger endorses Marre's enthusiasm. "Sustainability is a rich topic that touches every area of human life, from business to politics to family relationships. We're fortunate to have a crystal clear and inventive thinker in Will Marre to launch"

As the world rapidly changes so is the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility. will provide a roadmap for corporations and their leaders to find a path to success.

About and Will Marre'
Will Marre' is an Emmy Award-winning writer, speaker and coach. As a true entrepreneur, Marre' purchased a struggling sandal company in 1975 for $1, turning it into the fastest growing firm of its kind in less than 1 year. As co-founder of Covey Leadership Center, he was instrumental in training millions of executives and manager worldwide on the principles of effective leadership. You can reach ThoughtRocket at or Will Marre at Email us at; phone ThoughtRocket at 866-876-6596; mailing address: P.O. Box 235180, Encinitas, CA 92023.

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