Nadine Ann Shows Proven Method of Training Heals Binge Eating Disorder

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The BreakAway Program™ which combines science and holistic health could be the secret weapon to healing binge eating disorder once and for all.

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Nadine Ann (, the developer of The BreakAway Program™, has a new way to heal binge eating disorder by focusing on a scientific model of change and giving clients the tools they need to deal with life's ever evolving challenges. It's a new way to heal binge eating disorder that sticks.

Here is an example. A non-athletic person has set a goal to run a marathon a year from now. Are they going to wake up on the day of the marathon without any prior training and run 26.2 miles or would they start today by walking a mile, then gradually working up to running a mile, then 2 miles, 3 miles, and so on?

Of course they are going to start slow and work their way toward their marathon goal! They would crash and burn if they didn't.

If people understand this concept, then why wouldn't they apply the same concept to heal an addiction? Why wouldn't the same principle of mind and body training be applied to healing binge eating disorder? Well, now it does and The BreakAway Program™ is out to prove it works.

Not training properly is also the reason why most diets and smoking cessation programs fail. There is no training to reach the goal. They jump right into the action stage of food restriction or cigarette restriction. And if it works at first, it's only for a short time because sheer willpower can only last for so long. They do not follow a proven scientific pattern of change to allow the mind and body the time to train for the big event.

Traditional residential treatment programs for eating disorders takes the approach of instant food restriction, psychoanalysis, a high percentage rate of medications being prescribed immediately for depression, group therapy classes, and fitness routines. Now, does that sound like waking up on the day of the marathon and running the whole 26.2 miles without training or what?

Nadine Ann, the developer of the BreakAway Program™ said, "Its time we look at new options for healing binge eating disorder. There have been scientific studies proving how the brain accepts change and there are certain stages that we need to progress through in order for change to be life-lasting. The BreakAway Program™ follows the stages of change along with a loving approach to self-healing that prepares us for the marathon."

Just as a person would train for a marathon, they need to train to heal an eating disorder. The mind and body need to adjust slowly and in a way that neither feels threatened. The powerful combination of science and holistic healing makes The BreakAway Program™ worth taking a closer look at. For more information about healing binge eating disorder visit

About Nadine Ann:
Nadine Ann is the founder of the BreakAway Program for healing binge eating disorder. She created an online coaching program for those suffering from binge eating disorder looking for a holistic means to healing. Nadine Ann is a Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Wellness Coach, and survivor of multiple eating disorders.

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