Peaceful Mountain Strives to Live Up to Its Lofty Name

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Peaceful Mountain, Inc. adopts progressive business model: Better for Planet & Better for People = Better for Profits

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You let customers know that you care and you hope to set an example, but you don't wear it on your sleeve.

Local natural products manufacturer, Peaceful Mountain, Inc. is more interested in being a great company, than being a great big company. "The quality of the products and their impact on the earth and all of its inhabitants are what we look at first," says Chris Groutt, VP of Sales & Marketing. "It just so happens that at this historical moment, profitability follows these kind of business ethics," he adds.

This sounds like nothing new in an era when "being green" is all the rage but with the growing popularity of the green movement comes an awful lot of green-washing and co-opting of the environmentalist's message simply to drive sales. Peaceful Mountain, Inc. along with many other local and national companies know that this is not simply the "right" thing to do, but the "only" thing to do. "We have reached a critical point in the health-history of the people and the planet," says Groutt.

Peaceful Mountain, Inc. is consciously dodging the all-to-common trap that many young companies fall into. As many companies grow, they are faced with the decision to cut costs by compromising quality in the name of expanding to reach a broader market. The Peaceful Mountain model goes the other direction. Striving to continually seek-out higher quality, more ethically produced or harvested, ingredients as well as reducing packaging, even at the cost of marketing "real estate", are just some of the ways in which they reduce the earth-impact that inevitably comes with running a business.

"So, you go organic, and you go wind-powered and you strive to become carbon neutral," Groutt says. "You let customers know that you care and you hope to set an example, but you don't wear it on your sleeve."

So, will Peaceful Mountain make any splash at all to announce their evolution? Indeed they will, with bright new branding and an updated look, customers will be sure to take notice that something is afoot. For more information regarding Peaceful Mountain's new look and eco-conscious efforts, please contact Chris Groutt or visit

About Peaceful Mountain, Inc.:
The Peaceful Mountain product line was born with the belief that many common problems could be helped with the powerful herbs and elements supplied by nature. Their goal is to construct products that are natural, holistic and formulated for specific circumstances.


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