WhiteDove Herbals Introduces Single-Serve Herbal Remedies On-the-Go; Spanish-English Packaging Brings New Consumers to the Category

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WhiteDove Herbals has launched a new line of Single-Serve Herbal Elixirs to treat a variety of common ailments. Spanish-English packaging is available for bilingual merchandising. The company hopes to introduce the products to a broader audience of consumers interested in finding safe, effective, natural and affordable alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription medications.

WhiteDove Herbals, located in Boulder, Colorado, is pleased to introduce a line of all-natural Single-Serve Elixirs developed to treat a variety of common ailments including coughs, colds, allergies, sleeplessness, anxiety and fatigue. WhiteDove Herbals' elixirs are sweetened aromatic solutions of alcohol and water blended with herbs to create potent and highly effective herbal remedies. Great-tasting, perfectly portable and highly convenient, the elixir blends include: Cough & Cold, Emotional Rescue, Energy & Endurance, Sinus & Nasal, and Sound-A-Sleep. WhiteDove Herbals is the first herbal company to make bilingual packaging available on their herbal blends, making them accessible to an even broader audience of consumers who are seeking safe, natural and effective alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription medications. WhiteDove President and CEO John Hay, an original founder of the venerated herbal tea company Celestial Seasonings, has spent most of his professional life working to bring herbs and herbal wellness products out of the fringes and to make them acceptable and available to everyone. Working with renowned medical herbalist and 30-year herbal practitioner, Linda Whitedove, WhiteDove Herbals' Single-Serves combine the ancient knowledge of herbal therapeutics with the most current medical research available.

Symptom Relief, Immune Support
WhiteDove Herbals' five Single-Serve Elixirs include: Cough & Cold, Emotional Rescue, Energy & Endurance, Sinus & Nasal and Sound-A-Sleep. Cough & Cold was formulated to boost the immune system during cold and flu season, or anytime symptoms are present. When taken at the first sign of illness, Cough & Cold can halt or shorten the duration of a cough, cold or flu, while also soothing and healing lung tissue, enhancing the immune system's response, fighting viral infections and reducing fever. Emotional Rescue addresses the effects of nervous tension on the mind and body. The formula was designed to decrease anxiety and stress without causing drowsiness or lethargy, while increasing stamina, mental clarity and energy, and protecting the body's systems from the effects of stress. Energy & Endurance, the only caffeine-free energy product available on the market today, offers additional fortification by restoring and reinvigorating the body's adrenals during times of fatigue. Additionally, this blend promotes stamina and mental clarity. Sinus & Nasal offers seasonal support for the upper respiratory tract, controlling symptoms such as dry, itchy eyes and over-productive mucous membranes so that allergic reactions become less severe and less frequent. Lastly, Sound-A-Sleep gently puts you to sleep, calming the mind and settling the stomach so you can have a restful night.

Relieving Symptoms, Nourishing the Immune System
WhiteDove's Single-Serve Elixirs are fast-acting, highly effective, and well-flavored to suit almost anyone's palate. Each elixir has been carefully formulated using natural citrus and berry flavors to ensure that great flavor accompanies the effectiveness of each blend. In addition to providing immediate relief of symptoms, the elixirs also support and nourish the immune system -- something that is completely overlooked in the pharmaceutical industry. Explains Hay: "We are finding that more and more consumers, particularly the Spanish-speaking population, are looking for alternatives to treat everyday ailments without a prescription. We want to go one step further and provide relief of physical and emotional symptoms caused by things such as seasonal illness, environmental pollutants and everyday stress," explains Hay.

Perfectly Portable Convenience at Hand
WhiteDove Herbals' powerful elixir formulas come in convenient, easy-to-use single-serving packets. Each packet contains two full doses of herbal formula, blended with great-tasting, all-natural flavors to mask the potent herbs. The innovative single-serving packets make it easy to get the immediate relief you need in the exact dosage required without bulky glass bottles or the need to measure and mix doses so that compliance is simple and straightforward. Since you can take them anywhere with ease, Single-Serve Elixirs are perfect for travel or an on-the-go lifestyle - just toss them in your handbag, briefcase, glove box, desk, or even your pocket.

Effective Treatment, Easy-to-Use
For many people, prescription and over-the-counter medications can produce undesirable side effects, as well as concerns about prolonged or regular use of medication. WhiteDove Herbals' Single-Serve Elixirs are formulated to treat more than just the symptoms of an illness; they are designed with the whole person in mind. Explains Linda Whitedove: "The most common issues we find with herbal remedies are compliance, where the user does not follow the recommended use or dosage requirements, and taste, because many herbs have strong, bitter or pungent flavors which make them seem unappealing to ingest. With our Single-Serve Elixirs, we have effectively eliminated these problems through our single-serve packaging and our perfectly-blended flavor profiles."

WhiteDove Herbals' Single-Serve Elixirs are made with organically grown and ethically wild-crafted herbs. For more information on WhiteDove Herbals, please contact Launch Marketing at 303-444-5820 or via email at launchmarketing(at)msn.com. Additional information can be found at http://www.whitedoveherbals.com.


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