The Seventh Bottle FILMS Announces the Completion of Gustavo Camelot's "Broken Glass" (Vidrio Roto)

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"Fighting for what you believe in can not only break rules but your own persona..." is the logline of Gustavo Camelot's opera prima, Broken Glass. It deals with a woman with a male alter-ego, but most important with the struggle with her own self, with standing by our beliefs no matter what or who. It is a story that applies to all of us who, because of one reason or another, succumb into behavioral patterns that we accept from others (our families, our communities, our churches, etc), without truly questioning them.

Broken Glass' poster

The Tree of Red Stars

Gustavo Camelot, an Uruguayan born award-winning Director, has finished his opera prima, Broken Glass, and is ready to show it in Cannes next May. After a saga that took 3 years, the feature film (90 minutes) is finally ready to be released, having gone through the stages of a short film (the multi-award-winning "The Seventh Bottle") and a middle length one ("VAL/Val"), in order to raise the necessary funds. It really is a story of perseverance, much like the story told in the movie, where the main character has to struggle with her male alter-ego for ultimate dominance. It is that struggle, the ultimate will of a deep desire to get accomplished, that made both Val (the lead character in Broken Glass) and Camelot, to succeed in achieving their goals.

Writer/Director/Producer, Gustavo Camelot, hails from the "Switzerland of the Americas," Uruguay, and has also lived in Barcelona, Paris, Munich, Berlin, London, New York, and most recently Los Angeles. As a result of his international upbringing, Gustavo speaks four languages, Spanish, English, German, and French, and has a rich understanding of diverse cultural idiosyncrasies and aesthetics.

Educated in Montevideo and at Oxford, Gustavo's critical eye for composition was first cultivated when he received advanced degrees in the discipline of architecture, which served as an appropriate foundation for understanding the spatial relationships inherent in film composition. He later segued into theater arts after attending conservatory post-graduate programs at Escola de Teatre Musical Memory in Barcelona, and Mountview Conservatoire of the Performing Arts in London. His performances at London's West End theatre district and in Barcelona garnered critical acclaim, and lead to his sojourn into film acting and directing, and a recent move to Los Angeles to pursue his filmmaking ambitions.

Mr. Camelot is now in full pre-production for his next project, The Tree of Red Stars ("Las Cinco Puntas del Lucero"), based on the novel by Tessa Bridal and already declared of National Interest by the Uruguayan Government. The Tree of Red Stars is a coming of age, love story set in Uruguay in the 60's and 70's. The story starts off in the peaceful, beautiful tree lined streets of Montevideo, a safe playground for all children, and ends up, in the USA-supported torture chambers during the fascist Military dictatorship, a period in which, thousands of Uruguayans were tortured and murdered for their political convictions, their dreams of social equality, the five pointed red star.

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About The Seventh Bottle Films (Los Angeles-Montevideo):
This production company wants to promote cultural diversity in the film industry, particularly through creating awareness of the problematic of the least represent groups in the "main stream" media. We want to go back to the origins of film as the "Seventh Art", to tell stories that don't get out because of not being "commercial enough". The stories of the underdogs.


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