Sustainable Sourcing Launches Organic Peppercorn Line Offering Exotic Flavors and Health Benefits

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Sustainable Sourcing, LLC, announces the launch of a new line of products. Organic Heirloom Peppercorns™ are ethically sourced and artisan harvested from the most remote, pristine regions of the world. The new product line will debut this week at Natural Products Expo West.

Sustainable Sourcing, LLC, following the success of its HimalaSalt™, announces the launch of a new line of products. Organic Heirloom Peppercorns™ are ethically sourced and artisan harvested from the most remote, pristine regions of the world.

The new Organic Heirloom Peppercorn™ line contains exotic peppers that were once highly prized cargo during the 1500's Spice Trade throughout Europe and Asia. "This new product line fits in perfectly with the company's mission to preserve and celebrate the planet's biodiversity," says Melissa Kushi, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Sourcing, LLC. "We are now bringing these ancient strains back to market with a green footprint."

There are six different kinds of pepper in the new line:

  •     Pink Peppercorns from Brazil - highly prized for its zesty, sweet, citrusy flavor, these peppercorns, which are actually tree berries of the Bais Rose, are softly spicy.
  •     Green Peppercorns from India - rarely found beyond the finest tables of Europe, these plump, freeze-dried peppercorns retain their essential oils, are prized for the fresh aromas of lemongrass and bergamot, balanced with a deep, spicy warmth.
  •     Heirloom Cubeb Pepper from Indonesia - this pepper is known for its high content of aromatic essential oils and superior woodsy, pine, and earthy flavor. Also known as "tailed" pepper because of its attached stem, it has been used as an ancient remedy to boost fertility.
  •     Heirloom Long Pepper from Bali - sustainably grown in the unique micro-climate of Bali, this pepper was highly prized in Ancient Rome for its unique appearance, gorgeous culinary appeal, and its exquisite warm, sweet earthy pungency, with hints of cardamom and nutmeg.
  •     Traditional White Pepper from Indonesia - white peppercorns are the inner seed of the black pepper berry, from which the husks have been removed. A bit milder than black pepper, this pepper is prized for its light color, earthy, heady aromas and pungent flavor, with intense heat.
  •     Rainbow Peppercorn Blend - a delicate, fragrant blend with intense warmth, sweetness, and pungency, this pepper is an exotic global blend of the finest organic-kosher pink, green, black, and white peppers, where each type contributes its own complex flavors, along with gorgeous color and zest.

"All of the peppers pair well with pastas, sauces, grilled dishes, and hearty fare and as an added bonus, they offer health benefits too," Kushi says. "Long recognized as a carminative (preventing gas), a diaphoretic (promotes sweating), and a diuretic, the peppers also have impressive antioxidant and antibacterial properties."

Grown in unique microclimates, and made by 100% Green-e Certified Wind Power the peppercorns come in 100% recyclable, refillable grinders and spices jars, and are Organic and Kosher Certified. The Organic Heirloom Peppercorn™line and another new product, the Organic Garlic HimalaSalt™ will be available May 1st through United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) Eastern Region.

Sustainable Sourcing, LLC is based in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Its signature product is HimalaSalt™, the number one selling specialty salt in UNFI's Eastern Region, is the first and only primordial Himalayan sea salt to be Kosher Certified, sustainably sourced, naturally packaged, hand harvested from a protected source, stone ground to retain essential minerals and the natural pink color, and made by 100% renewable energy. The company gives 5% of its profits to the environment and source communities.

For more information and to obtain access to high-resolution photos of the entire Sustainable Sourcing product line, go to or call 413-528-5141.


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