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Announcement of New Alliance and Anniversary

Lee W. Dodson, creator of, a resource site for anyone in the construction business, announced today the 60,000th visit to the website, an average of over 5,000 visits per month since April 2, 2007.

"It's not as big as it could be, but it's bigger than we expected given that there has been virtually no big media advertising or P/R other than interest by other websites and word-of-mouth buzz," Dodson said. "We'd love to get on the air with a business type of program. It's crucial that the tradespeople learn how our product can help their daily business."

The website has begun to form loose alliances with other Person to Person websites such as "" and "contractors­" and is looking for more. Online chats through these sites have been productive, informative, and have produced general endorsement of the service provides.

"The economy is not as strong as it could be right now," Dodson said, "and that means that the trades, especially small business people, have to be smarter, sharper. They have to get as much information as they can about a potential client, so they don't end up with a bad outcome. What better way to protect oneself than by reporting difficult business relationships and by hitting the site to check out what other "boots on the ground" have said?"

Will this poison the climate?

"Not at all." He responded. "This information prepares both contractor and client to deal more efficiently. The paying client is the good client, just as the performing contractor is the good contractor."

Does this site deal only with clients and contractors?

Dodson grinned. "I can't tell you how many times I've been asked this, and the answer is a flat no. This site deals with everybody in the trade from design phase like architects and engineers through inspectors on to suppliers, even laborers who don't get paid or are bad guys. Look, the business needs to be cleaned up, and it's the people who do the dirty work that are the ones who'll clean it up. Brandeis said "The best antiseptic is sunlight," and that's what this site is all about.

"Nobody is on the little business person's side, the contractor's side. Government agencies are there to protect the consumer, but what's been forgotten is that the contractor is a consumer, too. We need to fix that because fixing is what we do. It's our job, and it's our career.

One job gone south is bad, two jobs tanking can hurt a contractor for a year, three jobs with bad outcome can put a contractor out of business. The economy can't take that."

When asked about the industry's near future, Dodson was upbeat. "This happens all the time. It is not permanent. The market's always going to be there. Contractors are needed, and the business will come back stronger than before this hiccup. We'd better be prepared."

Are contractors embarrassed to file a complaint and look like poor business people?

"They shouldn't be. The phone company isn't embarrassed to take action when we're late, why should we be embarrassed to take action?"

What about the future of

"The second we hit our enrollment goals as far as continuing usage, we're going to add sales tools, expert advice, and other site enhancements like good charities, volunteer opportunities, and other news of interest to our users. We've already had discussions with some veteran's organizations and are putting together web cam sites to show what our members do. Hey, it's the internet….the sky's the limit."

What do you need?

"Mostly airtime and ticked off contractors who want to do something for their business by logging on and telling their stories. If we get that, we can set up a process that will stop cheaters before they start, that can make the less than professional people work at getting better. This is eminently do-able, otherwise I would have stayed home and played video games for the last two years."

New YOUTUBE has been seen by many "Ashley's Secret Weapon".

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