GRAMMY® Organization and Distinctive Assets to Face Legal Action for Breach of Contract from Politeed

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"Let me make this perfectly clear. Free speech will not be stopped in this country if Politeed has anything to say about it. Not asking these questions is part of why this country had to go through 9/11. Members of the GRAMMY® Organization will not be able to hide behind the GRAMMY® name and you will not stop Politeed's questions from reaching the American people." States Politeed's CEO, Sherry Henry.

For a company like Distinctive Assets, who has a nine year relationship with the GRAMMY® Organization, to do something like this and then leave a trail of evidence defies logic. They should have their contract pulled, in my opinion

Politeed, the edgy new Dallas-based apparel company, is reporting that, due to new evidence coming to light regarding the recent GRAMMY'S® and Politeed's involvement with the gifting company, Distinctive Assets, several lawsuits are to be filed against both organizations for breach of contract, misrepresentation of Politeed's shirts with the Oscars, and a suit challenging free speech rights. (Dallas District; ref:TDK225-4952008)

"Most of Politeed's political shirts were indeed pulled from the gift bags of Distinctive Assets at the GRAMMY'S®, by a directive given by individuals at the GRAMMY® Organization, indicating that Politeed's shirts were too controversial and not politically correct enough and both organizations due to this recent evidence--and by evidence, I mean not only photographs but ad copy with dates on them, a series of e-mails and of course, the all important tape recording to prove what Politeed has been saying is true--are facing legal action. In my conversation with Lash Fary, Distinctive Assets CEO, on March 3rd, it was unfortunate that we could not come to an agreement in returning Politeed's investment in addition to our product, which was 170 shirts. Of course, who knows where the shirts are now. Politeed has no choice but to go forward." States Politeed's CEO, Sherry Henry.

"For a company like Distinctive Assets, who has a nine year relationship with the GRAMMY® Organization, to do something like this and then leave a trail of evidence defies logic. They should have their contract pulled, in my opinion," Henry added.

"When I discussed our problem with Lash on March 3rd and how we were going to resolve this matter, Lash's response was to try and spin it by saying it was himself, personally, who had a problem with the shirts. Of course that pretty much ended, when I told him of the tape recording. Funny thing, he started screaming into the phone that the recording was illegal, which I find ironic considering what both organizations did was not only unethical but allegedly illegal itself. Maybe the viewers of YouTube should decide," Henry said.

"You know what also stinks about this whole thing. Politeed signed a contract with Distinctive Assets to be involved with the Oscars, even before the contract for the GRAMMY'S®, and yet Distinctive Assets had the nerve to send me an email that said, '…based on the course of action you chose to pursue for GRAMMY'S, we would also issue a preemptive press release stating you were pulled from the 'Everybody Wins at the Oscars' nominee gift bag due to lack of payment and not for political reasons.' I don't know about you, but that sounds like an ultimatum to me. Let me ask you something, do you actually think that I would pay another fee and provide more product after what happened and the fact that they tried to cover it up?" said Henry.

"The problem with that ultimatum though, is that I have photos and ad copy, with dates and website addresses showing a Politeed shirt was in the Oscar gift bags. How did any photo of a Politeed shirt get into a photo of the Oscar gift bags and placed on several sites, when I never sent any shirts 'earmarking' them for the Oscars? I'm sure Lash will try and spin his way out of this one too," Henry said.

"Let me give Lash Fary some real good advice that I'd take to heart pretty quick. With these suits being filed, I would rethink your position, considering all that you and your company has to lose. If you make the wrong choice, in my opinion, you'll be just another 'flash' in the pan and I hope every gifting company in Los Angeles is made aware of what is now transpiring. After all, start-up companies should know who is reputable and who is not before they pay the fee and send their product," said Henry.


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