Americas Watchdog Seeks Hospital Whistle Blowers With Knowledge Of Drug Companies and Medical Device Manufacturers Paying Off Hospitals Or Physicians to use Their Products

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Americas Watchdog and its Corporate Whistle Blower Center have initiated a national investigation involving drug makers and medical device manufacturers potentially paying off hospitals and physicians to use their products. Americas Watchdog seeks insiders with specific information about drug makers & medical device manufactures providing kick backs to use their products over what could be less expensive products. Insiders with specific information may be eligible for rewards if they have specific provable information.

Americas Watchdog and its Corporate Whistle Blower Center has initiated a national investigation involving drug companies and medical device manufacturers who may be paying off hospitals or medical doctors to use their more expensive products, over less expensive generic drugs or medical devices. According to Americas Watchdog, "the culture of corruption between drug companies and medical device manufacturers has gone on too long, and its time to put an end to these types of practices."

The group wishes to talk to hospital workers, drug representatives, or medical device/equipment manufacturers who have specific & provable information related to hospital/physician kick backs or pay offs that result in the taxpayer or the health insurance company getting stuck with bills that are much higher than they should, or could have been.

Americas Watchdog is interested in the following types of practices:

  • A physician constantly prescribes the most expensive drugs over much less expensive generics because he/she is a "consultant" to a pharmaceutical company.
  • A physician demands that the patient be given the most expensive medical device such as a artificial knee or hip, a stent, a pace maker,etc, as opposed to much less expensive alternatives that are just as effective, because he/she is a "consultant" to the medical device/medical equipment manufacturer.
  • A hospital/medical clinic or nursing home insists on using expensive pharmaceuticals as opposed to less expensive generics because the hospital/clinic or nursing home gets kick backs or reductions in price that are not passed onto the patient, health insurance company or Medicare.
  • If a hospital, medical clinic or physicians group is intentionally over billing Medicare or Medicaid with unnecessary medical procedures such as heart caths, stents, radiology or other unnecessary procedures and the insider has proof they should contact Americas Watchdog immediately at 866-714-6466.
  • Law Firms wishing to know more about Americas Watchdog's Investigation are welcome to call the group at 866-714-6466.

If any individual possesses specific and provable information related to these types of practices their could be a substantial reward for the information. Americas Watchdog & its Corporate Whistle Blower Center will treat all witnesses information with strict confidentiality. Potential witnesses to health care corruption are welcome to contact Americas Watchdog any time at 866-714-6466 or the can visit the Corporate Whistle Blowers web site at

Americas Watchdog and its Corporate Whistle Blower Center are all about consumer and taxpayer protection along with corporate responsibility.


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