Prevent and Fight Tooth Decay on a Budget with Epic Dental

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Epic Dental's xylitol products provide a cost effective, natural, and proven way to prevent as well as fight tooth decay.

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Epic Dental's xylitol products provide a cost effective, natural, and proven way to prevent as well as fight tooth decay.

The remarkable ability of Epic's xylitol to prevent as well as fight tooth decay makes it a top choice among patients of all ages. It's a logical choice given that patients don't have to adopt a big change in their lifestyle. Using xylitol doesn't require expensive dental equipment or strict use of it, a rigorous diet, or an unmanageable increase in expenditures. For example, if you purchased xylitol products online through Epic Dental, you'd be spending only $.56/day or less than $18/month to prevent tooth decay and enhance your oral hygiene. Epic's xylitol comes conveniently in the forms of xylitol gum, mints, toothpaste, mouthwash, sweetener, and even chocolate!

In comparison, if you bough xylitol from other top brands, you'd be spending more. To get the proper daily intake of xylitol to be effective, you'd have to pay almost 25% more for xylitol from Spry and almost 7 times more for xylitol from Trident! In looking specifically at Epic's xylitol gum, we see that they also have the highest amount of xylitol per piece, meaning you have to chew, as well as buy, less for it to be effective.

The positive effects of xylitol in general are being talked about more frequently in the news these days. Most recently, members of the California Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) went on record to say: "Dental decay affects almost every resident in the United States, causing untold costs in time, money, and suffering…Fortunately, this amazing sweetener (xylitol) can actually help to prevent decay." The Association's remarks are great new for Epic Dental and xylitol in general, as it is more and more becoming accepted as a mainstream sweetener, and starting to replace the expensive, unhealthy, and artificial sweeteners present on the market today.

About Epic Dental:
Epic Dental is a leading retailer of cavity fighting xylitol dental products, both online and offline. The customer service-oriented retailer will do anything to keep their customers smiling and to teach those who have yet to learn about the healthy benefits of Xylitol. To learn more, visit them on the web at


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