TrustDefender Releases New 'Consumer Version' With Vista Compatibility to Enhance Consumer Confidence in Online Transactions and Online Wellbeing

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Around the globe, Online Security is becoming a challenge for all online consumers, regardless of age -especially when protecting identities and confidential information before and during online transactions.

Around the globe, Online Security is becoming a challenge for all online consumers, regardless of age - especially when protecting identities and confidential information before and during online transactions.

In recent years, financial institutions, leading online businesses and Internet Service Providers have stepped up their level of security by spending millions on the latest Enterprise level security solutions to protect their assets - with one big problem: all this spending has failed to extend fully or integrate the weakest link in the security chain.

Sadly, the weakest link remains 'you', the customer, and the computer that is used to transact online. Consumers are struggling to keep up-to-date and are still not fully aware of the security health status of their computers before and during online transactions, which opens them up to the massive risks of transaction fraud, ID theft, phishing attacks and worse.

"Unfortunately the average online user is unaware of the security health status of their home computer or laptop, the computer in an internet café or airport lounge or when using a friend's computer. When consumers access their bank accounts, pay a bill, or make an online purchase using their credit card, they do not know whether the computer they're using - whichever computer it may be - has been compromised by malware or if they have other criminal software embedded in them. Sadly, hackers and their nefarious malware programs stand ready to steal your private and confidential details or carry out a real-time fraudulent transaction without the owner becoming aware until long after the fact, if at all. There is, however, a simple solution to this worldwide problem," said Ted Egan, Co-founder of TrustDefender.

He added, "Further exacerbating the challenge is the growing incidence of online consumers who are readily giving away their private and confidential information to online websites, including social networking websites. Information that they would normally reserve for accessing their own bank accounts, submitting taxes online and share trading is the same information that they surprisingly share freely on social networking sites. For some reason, users think nothing of including private details on social networking sites that they would never share in other public forums. However, with the emergence of social networking websites, criminals are finding efficient ways to distribute malware and therefore capture the private and confidential information that is posted online, including user names and passwords. This information is readily accessible to the online criminals and is being used against the everyday online consumer to steal their Identity or commit fraud in the official owner's name".

Online Banking Security Advices are prominently posted on banking websites and promoted in the media to warn consumers of the pending dangers - but few read this information or take notice of it as these security advices take time to read through and these tasks as often overlooked in the need for speed. Fortunately, TrustDefender complements existing security applications and will secure your transactions regardless of the security health of the computer.

Even then, the more sophisticated online criminals can easily bypass this first level of security and embed sophisticated trojans that can either take control before the Operating Systems starts up (through rootkits) or embed themselves deep inside the operating system where they can make themselves completely invisible to anti-virus software packages.

Again, TrustDefender employs an enhanced sophisticated 'Rootkit' detection technology and 'Kernel Forensics Engine' that will detect, isolate and secure the customers' computers from highly sophisticated Trojans, viruses and other malicious software during online transactions. Techradar has a very visual description of those real-life attacks. (

TrustDefender has released an advanced version 2.0 of its TrustDefender Gold Edition software - now with enhanced Vista compatibility - which is designed to secure consumer online transactions and help inform consumers when their chosen Anti-virus and Internet security software is not up to date, switched off or even when their firewall has been inadvertently switched off.

Further, TrustDefender Gold Edition now comes with enhanced features for Vista and XP users. These key features include:

  • full Vista compatibility;
  • the employment of an enhanced sophisticated 'Rootkit' detection technology and 'Kernel Forensics Engine'
  • an enhanced user interface for user friendly protection and true ease of use, even by novice users;
  • the ability to protect personal identity and confidential information when online;
  • the ability to verify the authenticity of websites;
  • assurance that the computer is safe and secure;
  • very light weight ~ 1.8 Mb;
  • complements and enhances existing security;
  • builds confidence in online transactions with online brands.

Recent testimonials from TrustDefender Gold Edition users:

"TrustDefender gives me a great sense of security to know that my personal identity.....I.D, passwords etc are protected both before and during transactions, stopping my details being stolen and online crime being perpetrated against me, to my personal and financial loss."
Graham, Australia

"It is a small price to pay for 'peace of mind', to know that my passwords, pin numbers etc cannot be accessed, as I am a Home Loan Broker. I cannot understand why the Banks and other financial institutions don't set up TrustDefender on their systems and provide their on-line customers the security this service provides. It would save the institutions millions of dollars in claims against them for fraudulent activities on customers' accounts. "
Monica, Australia

"TrustDefender has given me such piece of mind whenever I am using Internet Banking. I have 'tested' the product to check or claim and indeed once you are 'locked' into the Web Protection nothing, but nothing can come near or enter the computer. I would have paid tenfold more for this type of protection."
Paul, Australia

Try TrustDefender today

Consumers who want to try TrustDefender should visit and download the free 21 day trial of the consumer solution from the online shop.

Banks, financial institutions and online businesses can email to get a free trial of the Enterprise version.

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About TrustDefender:
TrustDefender is the leading provider of 'On Demand Endpoint Security Solutions' to safeguard online business transactions. With its GAP protection, TrustDefender is able to guarantee the authenticity of a website. The secure lockdown, safe & secure mode, two factor authentication and the TrustedSurfing database complete the holistic security solution.

The secure policy engine allows online businesses to educate and enforce the compliance of a home user's PC to their security policies. TrustDefender is the world's first security solution which enables online businesses to integrate the home user's PC into the overall security solution.

TrustDefender was founded in 2005 and is based in Sydney, Australia.


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