PPS Safety Offers Personal Protection Products and Detailed Advice Via New Blog

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http://www.PPS-Safety.com is a new web-based superstore dealing with personal protection products and security items, offering not only the items needed to defend yourself but the knowledge necessary to do it properly. From their new blog at http://www.PPS-Safety.net, safety education and product information is discussed in a way that helps the novice to know what products best suit their needs and how those products should be applied in real-world situations.

Steve Phoenix began http://www.PPS-Safety.com with one goal in mind: keeping people safe. "I started because I was looking for a product that I believed in, and that I definitely thought there was a need for," explains Steve. "I want to make sure that everybody is aware. I feel like a lot of people don't have the awareness that this type of product is out there, and I want to share this with them. You have to be able to take care of yourself. I care about other people."

Steve has a history in the security business, having gone from serving in active duty military status dealing with security to a position as a government employee dealing with security and personal safety issues. "I'm not just a businessman out there to make a dollar," says Steve, who is dedicated to his business. "This has been my career for 22 years; I've always been doing something in the security and safety field. I really do care about what happens to people and their families, security- and safety-wise. That's really the reason I got into this."

Because of his dedicated interest to the field, Steve was committed to providing his customers with a variety of useful products. "I did a lot of research on the availability of different types of products and the need for these products," he says, "and I found that these particular items are not readily available in normal retail outlets where people can get easy access to them." This research has resulted in Steve's store containing a lot of items not found in normal retail stores, giving customers options for their defense that they would not otherwise have discovered.

To supplement the products available on his site, Steve has opened a blog at http://www.PPS-Safety.net, giving his customers valuable information about how best to protect themselves. "I'm going to be using my blog in two capacities," says Steve, "first to educate people on personal safety and security, second to educate people about the products on my web site. I'm not only promoting my items, but also educating people about what they need to do to be more self-aware about their safety and security. Some of the specifics I'm going to post are how to be more conscious when you're at an ATM. I've also had friends who have had problems at home in their neighborhoods where something was happening, and they're things that shouldn't have happened if people were prepared with a neighborhood watch."

Steve has plans for the future of his site, as well as further public education. "I'm in the process of writing a book on personal safety and security, and that will be available on the site," he explains. "I'm going to add a few other books, as well. I'd like to get into doing more about educating the public, so I'm going to be doing some seminars and things like that, as well."

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