Space Cruise Participants To Experience Real Space Training At The NASTAR Center

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Participants attending Space Cruise Week in April 2009 will also receive a 2-day space training experience at the NASTAR Center near Philadelphia. At the center, participants will experience G forces, weightlessness and view the Earth in simulators that recreate what a sub-orbital spaceflight will be like.

Ever since the dawn of early human spaceflight in the 1960's, mans desire to experience the awe of space, weightlessness and feel the power of rockets and G forces has excited many to wonder if and when will this opportunity be within reach. Now, it appears that the time is almost at hand with the successful flight of SpaceShipOne in October 2004 and entering the world into a commercial sub-orbital space race.

As announced last week by Mitchell J Schultz, Director of XtraOrdinary Adventures, "ninety-six possible participants from around the globe are expected to register" and all ninety-six will get an authentic space training experience at the NASTAR Center where NASA has trained several Astronauts. This will enable cruise week attendees to get a real taste of the flavors of spaceflight.

During their 2-day sub-orbital space training program, which is similar to what Virgin Galactic future space participants must complete, participants will be given a realistic training experience that gives the adventurer a fun, rewarding, and true spaceflight experience with actual G force exposure. This program is great if you want to know what to expect if you are considering signing up with a commercial space flight provider including: what medical requirements there are, how your body will respond under Gs, what actions you can take to handle the Gs and enjoy your flight, what the launch, and reentry portions of the flight will be like, what a simulated weightlessness will feel like, what will the view be like from space, what the next steps are if you want to book your own spaceflight someday. After the training all participants will receive a completion certificate and take with them their personalized flight suit.

Also, during space cruise week, participants will meet others of similar interests from around the world while cruising on the luxury yacht Sea Dream with several famous astronauts. The astronauts will select at random up to six lucky passengers for a future sub-orbital spaceflight.

Additional festivities include a zero-G flight taking off and landing on the same runway our space shuttle lands on at the Kennedy Space Center. A tour of the center and a finale spectacular with many noted space enthusiasts and entertainment that all in attendance will not soon forget.

About XtraOrdinary Adventures:
Mitchell J Schultz is an experienced adventurer, world traveler and avid space enthusiast. Traveling for over 40 years, he has visited over 50 countries and has founded XtraOrdinary Adventures, LLC to market the making of 'Dreams to Reality' for the true space adventurer. Discriminating travelers with the inclination and the budget to take the space cruise will participate in the world's most exhilarating week of space related events and activities culminating with sending participants on a future sub-orbital spaceflight that will forever become one of their most memorable experiences. For more information visit

Mitchell J Schultz
(561) 455-4594

About NASTAR Center:
NASTAR Center, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Environmental Tectonics Corporation, houses state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff to support the training and research needs of the aerospace community, including military aviation (fixed and rotary wing), civil aviation (fixed and rotary wing), space travel (government and private) and research support and data collection. NASTAR Center's equipment and programs are highly modular and flexible and can accommodate a wide range of aerospace training and research requirements. For more information visit

Brienna Henwood
Client Relations
(215) 355-9100


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