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With recent efforts to crack down on individual identity theft, identity thieves are targeting businesses. Criminals are adapting their fraud strategies to meet the change, businesses ought to adapt their fraud prevention strategies to do likewise. ABC Office announces its line of industrial shredders with the capacity to shred more than just bank statements.

Companies that fail to dispose of their financial materials properly may be subjecting themselves to "dumpster diving" identity theft on a corporate level. Because there are no formal laws against dumpster diving in most states, criminals can obtain investment statements, payment records, invoices, CDs and DVDs without technically doing anything illegal. Documents or discs with any account information are at risk to be stolen if they are not shredded. Identity theft prevention experts at ABC Office ( recommend that all employees responsible for discarding such material use a paper shredder, rather than a garbage can. Even paper that is being recycled should be thoroughly shredded before being placed in any bin.

Corporate identity theft is a growing problem in America, both internally and externally. Because of the higher number of transactions and more frequent account activity, corporate identity theft can be harder to detect than private theft. For the same reason, it is also more lucrative for the perpetrator. Executives would be wise to provide paper shredders for any and all employees who handle financial materials, as well as make it mandatory to shred anything containing company financial information. Even letters deemed "junk mail" can include information that is used to defraud businesses.

CDs and DVDs should likewise be shredded. ABC Office is attempting to combat corporate identity theft by including a line of paper shredders ( in their inventory that shred not only paper goods, but discs as well. If criminals are attempting to steal identities on a larger scale, the victims should have larger scale prevention. Shredding, as opposed to just throwing away, is a simple principle, but it could prevent a company from losing thousands of dollars and save it the time and effort of trying to recover the money.

For more information, please contact David Stuart, Marketing Supervisor of ABC Office, 1-800-658-8788.


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