Eluma Introduces Application to Boost Productivity of Internet Users

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Eluma 2.0 simplifies how people collect, organize, and share online information.

We've developed Eluma to address this problem of 'information scatter.'

Eluma, a provider of personal productivity software, today announced the availability of a new, desktop application that combines functionality from RSS reader, bookmark manager, desktop alert and social bookmarking tools into a single, unified application to improve web users' productivity. Eluma 2.0, the company's first major introduction to the consumer and enterprise markets, offers web users a new, simple way to collect, organize, and share web content, eliminating the need to use multiple applications.

"There is more information available online today than ever before. As a result, people are looking for more convenient ways to organize content and to help keep found things found," notes Richard Buck, CEO and co-founder of Eluma. "We've developed Eluma to address this problem of 'information scatter.'"

Eluma provides the ability to collect online content directly from the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers; organize it using folders, tagging, and smartlists; and share it with one or more people or with the entire community of Eluma users. Eluma also merges social search with traditional search, providing capabilities to display content and collections of content that other Eluma users have published alongside traditional search engine results. Finally, since Eluma is a desktop-based application, it provides a superior usability experience, enables users to select any information they choose to be delivered as personalized alerts directly to their desktops, and provides offline access to content.

Eluma 2.0 is being released in beta today, and is offered free of charge.

Eluma 2.0 Audiences
Eluma 2.0 provides powerful capabilities for personal use. Collections can be created around a topic, such as researching a project, an upcoming event, or a purchase. Or collections can contain favorite blogs or news feeds to help users stay informed on an ongoing basis. Since Eluma is a desktop-based application, it is ideal for organizing, managing, and browsing large amounts of information compared with browser-based applications.

Enterprises can distribute Eluma to their employees to help improve productivity and knowledge sharing. Compared with traditional knowledge management tools that require individuals to contribute content solely for the good of the organization, employees populate Eluma with content to benefit themselves, improving personal productivity. Employees can subsequently share any content that they have collected and organized with specific co-workers, departments, or with the entire organization, improving employee collaboration.

Key Features of Eluma 2.0

  •     Collect: Users can easily collect any online content, including bookmarks or favorites, RSS feeds, blogs, and podcasts, directly from their browser, and from within Eluma.
  •     Organize: Eluma lets users work in the style they most prefer, through the use of:

o    Folders: Users can organize content using folders and subfolders;
o    Tagging: Users can apply multiple keywords or tags to content without creating an organizational structure;
o    Smartlists: Eluma automatically organizes content into smartlists (for alerts, RSS feeds, comments, etc.), which can be browsed to find content that meets specific criteria.

  •     Share: Users can share individual items or collections of content that they have organized. Eluma keeps users' content completely private by default.
  •     Desktop Alerts: Any RSS feed can be set as an alert by a user. New items in selected feeds are displayed to the user's desktop even when the Eluma application window is not visible, for better delivery of breaking news or content.
  •     Search: Eluma provides integrated search capabilities, which displays both traditional search engine results and results from the Eluma community side by side. Eluma search results are prioritized based on the popularity of the items in the Eluma community.
  •     Community Interaction: Published collections grow in value as users who subscribe to the collections add their comments, ratings and suggestions.
  •     Offline Access: Since Eluma is a desktop-based application, it enables users to access their information even when they're offline.

For more information about Eluma or to sign up for the beta version, visit http://www.eluma.com.

About Eluma
Eluma is a privately-funded software company located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Eluma builds software that combines personal web organization and productivity tools with tools to help users discover and share the best of the web. Eluma launched Eluma 1.0, which was available only to brands, at DEMOfall 2006, the premier launch venue for new products, technologies and companies, where it was awarded the prestigious DEMOgod award. Eluma 2.0 extends Eluma 1.0 with innovative new functionality to appeal to users and enterprises, in addition to brands.

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