Vehiclepath GPS Fleet Tracking Customer Eliminates Overcharges for Potential Savings of $200,000

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Covert installation of GPS fleet tracking units showed significant overcharging by drivers. Cost savings were estimated by elimnating overcharges and saving in wasted fuel costs caused by drivers speeding.

Peterson Industrial, Inc., an Alabama based company focused on industrial and commercial piping, plumbing and metal fabricating installed Vehiclepath GPS fleet tracking units to prevent a major problem - speeding drivers. They soon discovered that was not the biggest problem they would solve.

"In a 48 hour span we had a driver that got a ticket going 92MPH in a 55MPH zone and another driver who passed our owner going over 80MPH. They installed Vehiclepath GPS fleet tracking units shortly after that," said Michael Woodall, Project Manager at Peterson Industrial, Inc.
Vehiclepath GPS fleet tracking units enable fleet managers to track in real-time where their drivers are, set speed alerts (via text message) so they can be notified if a driver exceeds a set speed limit and help in theft recovery. Vehiclepath GPS fleet tracking also allows a fleet manager to verify job hours and match up fuel purchases.

"We had some guys working out of town at a plant for us. The plant called late in the day to schedule some additional work and we contacted our supervisor to meet with them. As it turns out, the crew was still on the clock but they were two hours away from the plant and had to drive back. We estimate we were being overcharged about six hours per week just for that one truck. If we can save that much with one truck, how much can we save for the entire fleet over a year?," questioned Woodall.

Based on their number of trucks and hourly pay rate, increasing employee productivity by four hours per week (or about 45 minutes per day) would save Peterson Industrial about $200,000. And that's just on increased employee productivity. Gas savings is a bonus, quite a large bonus. Drivers that reduce their speed generate better fuel economy. If they can increase their fuel economy by 15%, their annual fuel savings will be close to $150,000.

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