How to Optimize Web Site Revenues by Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars within Days with Landing Page Tuning -- New Conversion Audit Service Offered by SiteTuners

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Online marketers are looking elsewhere to improve lead generation and profitability. The best remaining optimization technique today is to focus on the web site landing page. Learn a few simple ways to improve performance of web site landing pages within days with conversion audts according to SiteTuners.

Market-driven companies view their websites as critical contributors to profitability and the primary means of customer contact and communications. Having tapped all of the available options for increasing Web traffic, online marketers are turning to the landing page as the best remaining business optimization technique. The efficiency of a company's landing page can be the strongest potential driver of higher revenues and profits, according to SiteTuners, an expert performance-based landing page optimization company.

"Some businesses don't have adequate website traffic to run full-scale landing page tests that rely on large numbers of visitors and conversions," explained Tim Ash, author of "Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions," published by John Wiley & Sons. "In addition, small-to-mid-size businesses in all industries that may not be able to afford the cost of full-scale landing page testing and tuning programs."

"One financially successful option for such companies is a Conversion Audit," added Ash, who is also president of SiteTuners in San Diego. "The Conversion and Landing Page specialists that we employ can deliver the benefit of their years of experience in improving the usability and effectiveness of web site. After a brief consultation with SiteTuners and the review of an actionable written report, web site owners can easily implement recommended changes and experience improved web site performance almost immediately. Lead generation-driven business such as financial services, business-to-business vendors and etailers are the best candidates for Conversion Audits."

Why Conversion Audits?

-- Low Traffic or Conversion Actions - a company may not have the traffic or data rate to test effectively. This means they have a low number of visitors and conversion actions on their landing page (less than 10 per day) and it might take several months to finish a test and reach high statistical confidence in the answer.

-- Jump Start and Get Quick Results - marketers might be able to fine tune landing pages through testing, but conversion experts can spot obvious problems and fix the main issues quickly, so that improved results are available in days versus months of full-scale landing page testing and tuning programs.

Conversion Audits are quick, painless and produce high impact.

-- Quick - one to two weeks for a Conversion Audit, versus months for fully integrated landing page testing and tuning campaigns

-- Painless - little time involvement from company. Often, just one simple interview and an explanation of findings are needed.

-- High Impact with huge financial improvements. The results can dramatically improve online marketing program conversion and profitability by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Key Components of a Conversion Audit

Conversion and usability experts review your current website or landing pages for the following elements:

-- Survey of key competitors' sites
-- Traffic sources & segmentation
-- Desired conversion actions & their lifetime value (LTV)
-- Information architecture
-- Usability & task analysis
-- Branding & visual theme consistency
-- Page layout & design
-- Credibility and trust symbols
-- Text copy and messaging
-- Calls to action

After the review is complete, the expert firm will provide you with a written report detailing their findings. This audit report should include specific actionable recommendations and screenshots of proposed site changes. Depending on the scope of your project, fees may be hourly or fixed price.

What to Look for in Conversion Experts

A company's marketing and web design teams may be too familiar with their website to properly diagnose important conversion issues. Outside conversion experts can help them see important areas for improvement.

While some conversion experts can offer simply their opinions, you should look for an expert firm who can also back it up with real-world results. The firm should bring to the table the experience of having completed hundreds of landing page optimization testing campaigns.

"In our industry, you have to run fast just to stay in place. SiteTuners' comprehensive approach to its Conversion Audit touched every important part of our business operations," said Ron Kosydor, president of "After implementing the recommendations in the SiteTuners report, our Internet visitors' experiences were changed dramatically for the better."

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