My Horse Specialties Creates a Better Product for Horses

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Christyna Wydenes of has dedicated herself to creating products that protect horses from common equipment issues. With her new protective eye mask and leg boots as well as an informational blog, she aims to educate horse owners and trainers about proper horse care. began with a dream. Christyna Wydenes woke up from a sound sleep with an idea for an unusual fly mask design, and finding herself unable to sleep she completed the design for testing. "I woke up and I said, 'That's what I'm going to do,'" explains Christyna, a lifelong horse owner and enthusiast who has been in business for over 20 years.

The key to Christyna's fly masks and leg boots is the simplicity and logical approach of their design. "The reason I chose the words 'protective leg boots' is because we protect -- we do not support," explains Christyna, outlining a crucial difference. "The current boots on the market create a lot of sweat because they are made out of heavy plastic or rubber, which doesn't allow any ventilation. When your horse is wearing boots that create that much sweat, it creates bacteria. Bacteria can lead to fungus, and that isn't what you want. To me, that's extremely crooked: on one hand, you tell your customer that you're creating something that protects a horse's legs, but on the other you create another problem. I've created protective leg boots that only protect, so the legs can breathe, the skin can breathe, and there is no sweat."

In order to better showcase her products, Christyna has opened a blog at "The purpose of the blog is to educate my audience about my products," she says. "We cannot educate each other enough about the horse products we buy to protect our equestrian friends."

Christyna has made certain that horses benefit from the improved design of her products, donating a generous number of fly masks to Santa Barbara's Equine Sanctuary. In educating her customers, she is ensuring that even more horses are safely protected.


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