Tom's Crime Cam Keeps Watch Over Customers

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Tom Vellegas has opened to provide his customers with the peace of mind that comes from quality security products. With a comprehensive catalog of proven items and a blog for discussions of products, the site is set up to arm people with the information and equipment necessary to ensure safety and protection of their valuables.

Tom Vellegas began his new business,, in order to help people protect themselves against the negative elements of society. "I came from Chicago, and I lived in a bad area on the south side," explains Tom. "I felt that crime was kind of confined to those areas, so when I moved out west to Idaho, I was surprised at the level of crime going on out here. Just because you live in a rural area doesn't mean you are immune from crime; it can actually make you more vulnerable. For example, when I visit my local grocery store in a small town of less than 300 people, I see reward notifications where people are seeking information leading to the arrest of individuals responsible for the theft of their gun and coin collections or other valuables. I'm trying to help people prevent that."

The need for these security products is obvious. "I believe that there's a need for the ability to have an eye on your place while you're gone," explains Tom. "I've been affected by it myself. There is nothing like the overwhelming sense of having been personally invaded and feeling helpless with nowhere to turn other than the often futile attempts by the authorities to find your perpetrator. I have a concern for my property. It seems like it gives you good peace of mind to know what's going on when you're not around. A hidden surveillance camera will give you the tools to recover your losses. It led me into wanting to share this with other people -- I believe that everybody should protect their assets, and I'm offering products that do that."

Tom is also offering information through his blog,, where customers can learn more about the equipment and the industry. Sometimes that information can be valuable for purchasing, such as the ease of set-up for some of the equipment. "Anyone can put these products up," claims Tom. "I offer wireless systems, which have easy installations and give you an easy way to go. You don't have to hire anybody -- you just buy the product, stick it up, and use it."

Tom also emphasizes that his products aren't just for homeowners. "I work for a university, and I know there's a lot of theft here at the university. I talk to people all the time that have things missing, and I want to be able to contact a lot of universities to offer products to them, as well."


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