Professional Photo Editor John Warton Offers Tips for Participants in Photography Laureates Contest

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As part of the Photo Laureates photo contest, professional photo editor John Warton offers a series of tips for photo enthusiasts.

To help fellow photo enthusiasts earn high marks as part of his photo contest at Photography Laureates, John Warton would like to share a few important rules.

John Warton is an acclaimed photo editor working for a photography association called Photo Laureates. He is often asked how he evaluates photographs. Quoting John: “It is quite easy for just about anybody to take good photos with any camera. Shooting good photos really has less to do with the equipment you have and more with the composition you use. In other words: it is not what you see, but how you see it”

According to John Warton, the following points are important to create solid photo compositions:

  • Rule #1: Make sure your photograph has one center of interest. Then place the subject slightly off center for the most pleasing composition.
  • Rule #2: Place the horizon line high or low in your picture and check to make sure the horizon is straight before you squeeze the shutter release.
  • Rule #3: You must divide your picture area into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. The idea is to place your center at one of four places where the lines intersect. Have the subject look or move toward the center of the picture.
  • Rule #4: Your camera angle must allow a leading line, such as a road, path, fence, or river, to lead into your picture.
  • Rule #5: Consider your subject from several angles and then select the best one.
  • Rule #6: You must add a natural frame to your scenic by including a foreground object such as a tree or an overhanging branch, and include people in the scene for a center of interest.
  • Rule #7: Move in close to fill your picture area with the subject.
  • Rule #8: Whenever you take scenic pictures or pictures of buildings or monuments, try to include something in the foreground to add interest and dimension. Also include people for a size comparison.
  • Rule #9: Watch the background in your picture. Busy backgrounds can steal attention from your subject. A blue sky or foliage makes a good background.
  • Rule #10: And remember, even is boring, odd is interesting, so try to have an odd number of whatever you are taking in your composition.

You can also meet John Warton as part of his new Webinar series on the Photo Challenge, where John openly critics and reviews photographs for all to understand and progress.

Photography Laureates offers the following:

  • A unique platform of self expression to the amateur and professional photographer
  • An opportunity to be published as part of a leading photography manuscript
  • 24/7 customer care assistance to help associate photographers gain exposure
  • Review and pieces of advise from the editors on submitted entries
  • A leading membership community where members can exchange and learn with other peers and experts

About Photo Laureates:

The mission of Photography Laureates is to provide a platform of artistic expression for amateur and professional photographers to gain exposure and recognition. Photography Laureates promotes photography and photographers through technical workshops as well as improvisation sessions. An independent panel of experts at photo laureates reviews photographs based on the following criteria: technical quality, composition, flow, texture and light. Photography Laureates manuscripts are distributed internationally. Photographers retain all rights to their photographs. Photo laureates has more than 90,000 members and a 98% satisfaction rate.

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