Wesley Howell Encourages Smart Self-Defense with Personal Safety & Protection

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With his lifelong dedication to protecting himself and his family, Wesley Howell has naturally expanded into offering products for the personal protection of others, opening his new store at http://www.PersonalSafetyAndProtection.com.

Wesley Howell has always been focused on personal protection and self-defense, watching over himself and his family and employing personal defense items and techniques gathered from over 20 years of training in karate. "I've always had the mindset of being careful and defensive," explains Wesley. "I've always been concerned about crime and things you can do to protect yourself in the event that you are a potential victim of a crime. Because there are so many restrictions on carrying guns, for many people that's not an option."

This attention to protection led Wesley to open http://www.PersonalSafetyAndProtection.com, a discount superstore of self defense items aimed at helping people to protect themselves. "These products could easily save your life or save your child's life," says Wesley, who is very adamant about self defense. "We have items like the Panda Guard, which is an alarm that you can put on your child. If you go into a public area and your child wanders off, the alarm goes off."

Personal Safety & Protection features a number of other handy protective devices, such as the Pool Guard swimming pool alarm that alerts parents if a child has possibly entered their pool, or the cell phone stun gun, which deceives potential attackers into thinking it is an ordinary object.

Wesley has also begun a blog at http://www.ThePersonalSafetyStore.com, instructing customers as to what new items are added to the inventory and how best to use their self defense items. "The blog that will be used for the placement of ads that I see that are of people using products like this to protect themselves, or possibly crime-related articles" says Wesley, who looks forward to helping keep his community safe. "There's a serial rapist in the Daytona area, which is close to me, and I'd want to put out bulletins like that to warn people. I'll also be teaching people common sense tactics, like when you have a stun gun or pepper spray and you're going into an area where you could be assaulted, you should keep the item in your hand so that you don't have to scramble for it."

One of the most important things to Wesley is making certain his customers know what is new in the field of self defense, and how it can protect them. "We're carrying this new triple action pepper spray/mace/UV dye," says Wesley. "If you're attacked and you spray your attacker with this, the dye makes them easy to identify for the police."


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