Prodigy Publishes Groundbreaking Book about The Human Side of Business

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The American business owner is standing at a fork in the road. Technological advances over the past two decades have led to a new business reality. Pre-1990's business owners had limited competition. If he had a brick and mortar store he could count the other stores who offered the same products offered by his business. If they sold insurance, for example, they personally knew the other salespersons in the market. Regardless of the widget, any business owner could usually drive to the office of their chief competitor in less than 30 minutes. Now we all have competitors from companies around the globe. Every product or service imaginable is available from any of over one hundred companies in seconds. Some of these competitors are able to produce the widget cheaper. Some are able to spend more money on promotion. We are quickly getting to the point in which every product offering is commoditized to a simple battle of price. If we are to compete in this new business reality we must rethink every perception we have ever had about what business is about and how it should be done.

As the subtitle illustrates, The Breathing Organization is a blueprint for achieving consistently meaningful results at every industry in the decades to come. Written in the parable style of business classics such as Who Moved My Cheese and Raving Fans, this easy to read book teaches business leaders that the key to success in the future will not be in unique marketing or innovation, but rather in maximizing human potential. The victors in tomorrow's business world will be the companies who do the best job tying company goals to human needs. As the books opening page states, "The key to true long term business success is creating a meaningful life experience for employees, clients, and managers."

The book is broken into two major sections. The first one, entitled 'A Meaningful Life Experience', takes the reader through the basic components of a company whose processes, goals, and policies, are all focused on a singular goal of helping everyone with a stake in the firm achieve the most meaningful life experience they can regardless of their role in the company(client, employee, manager, etc.) The reader is left with a new and unique understanding of what is truly important to achieve business success. In the second part of the book, entitled 'Learning to Breathe', the reader learns how to effectively lead an organization focused on human needs as the key to overall organizational achievement.

Frank W. Bennett is a consultant, writer, and lecturer who splits time between two seemingly dissimilar areas of business acumen. As this book illustrates, his first passion is helping organizations to become healthier and more effective 'organisms' and ultimately achieve greater success. In addition, Frank consults non-profit organizations on fundraising concerns. Go to to read Frank's full biography.

The Breathing Organization: A Blueprint for Business Success in the 21st Century by Frank W. Bennett, Original Edition, 5.5 by 8.5, 198 pages, ISBN 143480836X, 17.99


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