Incorporating Water Fountains Into Home Landscaping Shown To Be Effective Tool For Increasing Property Value And Curb Appeal

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To make a residential property stand out in a crowded market, real estate experts say landscaping, including waterscaping, is a solid home improvement investment that can increase a home's value by as much as 15 percent.

With the national housing market in an ongoing freefall, many homeowners are searching for ways to increase the value and salability of their residential property. With so many houses now on the market, is there one definitive way to make one's home stand out from the crowd and, therefore, more marketable? The answer is often found in landscaping, including outdoor water fountains.

According to the American Association of Realtors, incorporating aesthetically-pleasing landscaping around one's home greatly increases its curb appeal, and can actually increase a home's value by as much as 15 percent. A resounding 99 percent of real estate appraisers agree that landscaping enhances a property's sales appeal. Many real estate experts also agree that adding a landscaping water project to any home improvement plan can quickly turn a "For Sale" sign into "Sold" gold.

"Few people can just walk by an outdoor water fountain," says Steve Mann, a licensed real estate agent, broker associate, and commercial developer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. "The cascading of the water is a show-stopper and makes for a great place to relax, all the while drawing the kind of attention that will make any homeowner proud."

Unlike many other forms of home improvement, landscaping, including waterscaping, typically has a recovery value of 100 to 200 percent at selling time. Compared to kitchen remodeling which offers an approximately 75 percent recovery value, or a bathroom remodel that can provide as little as a 20 percent recovery, it is very apparent that landscaping is the best way to get the most bang for the home improvement buck.

According to Mann, "Landscaping is a powerful tool for any homeowner to use when looking to sell a home. Not only do the right landscaping elements increase a home's value, they also increase a home's appeal, providing a homeowner with the opportunity to put their unique stamp on the outside of their home, showcasing their own style. While it is important to at least somewhat mirror the overall style of the home, thinking of the yard as an extension of the actual living space, it is just as important to incorporate features that catch the eye. Outdoor water fountains are a great way to do this because of their universal appeal and because they are low maintenance. Dollar-for-dollar, homeowners will certainly get their money back from a well-done waterscape, and then some."

Another compelling benefit of landscaping with outdoor water features is that they help mask bothersome noises with wonderfully pleasant, natural sounds.

Incorporating a water garden focal point, such as a waterfall or water fountain, into landscaping can transform an ordinary yard into a relaxing, sensuous backyard oasis. However, this transformation need not break a renovation budget. A wide variety of price ranges, fountain styles, sizes, and materials are available for creative homeowners.

For example, the cast stone Palazzo Urn Outdoor Water Fountain available through is a breathtaking medium-priced water fountain that creates an environment of relaxed outdoor elegance.

For dramatic curb appeal, the Four-Tier Millennium in Toscana Pool Fountain is a fountain that simply can't be ignored. Potential buyers are sure to be mesmerized as the water gracefully cascades down each tier before gently falling into the pool below.

Homeowners on a tight budget can also take advantage of the price-boosting benefits of adding water to their landscaping. The Venice Garden Fountain is a modestly priced, classically shaped fiberglass garden fountain that features a bonded finish for long-term beauty. The set-up and maintenance is both fast and easy, plus it looks great in any landscape environment.

In order to maximize the dramatic eye appeal of a waterscape, many outdoor living space experts recommend the polished, cohesive look of outdoor designer sets. These sets typically include water fountains, planters, benches, and garden statuary.

Landscaping in general, and particularly with water fountains, is a major sales element in the process of selling a house. In fact, one Gallup poll showed that the majority of homeowners consider landscaping as an investment with lasting value. According to this same poll, 95 percent of residential homeowners believe that good landscaping adds value to a home.

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Says Turner, "I believe water fountains to be the most beautiful feature one can have either outside or inside a home. Watching the graceful spray of water is hypnotic, and I always feel young at heart when I see one."

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