Hi-Tech Golf is OUT!: SweetWoodGolf.com Emphasizes a Return to Traditional Golf Components, Hand Fashioned Processes and a Classic Style thus Bringing New Partnerships

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Spending millions each year, the Golf Industry competes primarily on short-lived technological advances while battling shorter product life-cycles. However, one golf company firmly decides that less is more thus generating new partnerships.

With hundreds of Golf companies competing each year on Hi-Tech R&D spending, the golf industry has become over saturated with products that require a PHD in physics or engineering to fully comprehend.

That is where Sweet Wood Golf Company (http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com) is DIFFERENT. This lifestyle company specializes in preserving the traditions of the original game in a very modern way. By using traditional golf components (100% leather, hickory-wood, steel, etc.), hand fashioned manufacturing processes and hi-tech testing the products seamlessly combines old world style with modern playability. Therefore, the Sweet Wood clubs, bags & apparel are as beautiful to look at as they are to play with.

Founder of the Sweet Wood Golf Company states:

"Sweet Wood Golf Company is not really doing anything original. As a matter of fact, what we do is very traditional and classic. However, in today's hi-tech golf industry to undergo the process of creating & producing 'traditional' golf products with hand fashioned processes is a very unique and original concept. We simply feel there is a massive unfulfilled niche for individuals who want to play and experience this game in a very different way without compromising on performance. Honestly, we feel that we can change the way people play today's game by introducing a counter-culture angle to playing golf"

Providing such unique "golfing instruments" is really turning some important heads. To date, Sweet Wood Golf Company finds itself producing clubs and affiliating with an undisclosed roster of wealthy mentionables and celebrities. Accordingly, Sweet Wood Golf Company (http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com) recently affiliated with http://www.CelebrityGolf.com to further business relationships in the celebrity golf tournament business.

Clint Wood of CelebrityGolf.com States:

"We are very excited to partner with Sweet Wood Golf Company thus making their beautiful & unique, quality products available to all of our visitors. As Celebritygolf.com is the #1 celebrity golf site on the web, it is crucial for us to continually offer visitors and tournament buyers the highest quality products and service available. Our partnership with Sweet Wood Golf Company allows us to do just that."

Aside from creating luxury golf products for the affluent, Sweet Wood Golf Company is also very dedicated to local and national charities, benefits & fundraisers. Therefore, the company believes that by decreasing its profit margins new opportunities arise and a deep societal impact can be made. Impacts which can raise awareness and generate funding for go-forward efforts.

Accordingly, Sweet Wood is dedicated to helping as many charities, benefits & fundraisers gain access to quality, hand fashioned products as possible. Through their unique approach, organizations will not only add a touch of class to their event but can also generate substantial revenue through silent auctions & raffles by using their significantly discounted products.

Also, through 30-70% product discounts, "goody bag " coupons programs, no minimum quantities and portion-of-proceeds donations the Sweet Wood Golf Company makes luxury products accessible to hundreds of charities, benefits and fundraisers who usually operate on very slim budgets. With most retailers selling Sweet Wood products at a 200%-300% mark-up, the company truly bends over backwards for charities & benefits by heavily discounting and creating revenue sharing programs all in the name of a good cause.

Accordingly, if you are in the market this season for wonderful golf prizes, gifts or product items for raffle/auction Sweet Wood Golf Company could be your best bet. With tailored programs and deep discounts the company will do whatever it takes to help organizations raise awareness and revenue for their cause. A brief listing of a few organizations Sweet Wood Golf Company has maintained as clients can be viewed here: http://www.sweetwoodgolf.com/sweet-wood-events.html

Sweet Wood Golf Company (http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the golf industry specializing in hickory wood shafted "golfing instruments". Product offerings include several designs of putters, chippers, wedges and an upcoming 8-Iron complete set called "Performance Hickories". These Performance Hickories as well as other clubs can be viewed here: http://www.sweetwoodgolf.com/sweet-wood-irons.html

As a Life-Style company, the organization offers retro-flair apparel, luxurious personalized gifts for individuals or organizations, golf related antiques and hard-to-find golf replacement items.
The real appeal for any Sweet Wood Golf Company customer is the overall return of classic style to golf without compromising the play. With a deep focus on artistic craftsmanship the company revives a look, feel and performance that the old masters could have only dreamed about.
For more information visit: http://www.SweetWoodGolf.com


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