Only Pepper Spray Helps with Personal Defense Through New Blog

Share Article has added a new blog to their site in order to discuss their different varieties of pepper spray, as well as strategies for self-defense against assailants.

Terry Malan started as the result of too many reports of assault and crime in the news. "Reading the paper, hearing the news about so many attacks on peopleā€¦ this is unnecessary," says Terry, a strong advocate of personal defense. "If people would carry protection against such an attack, it would be a different story. I'm specializing in pepper spray for just that reason -- so people will have a choice of different types and shapes of pepper spray to keep in their home, in their car, or on their person."

But carrying the products isn't going to solve the problem on its own. To that end, Terry has created, an informational source for his customers to learn about his products and their use. "I'm going to be using my blog to advertise products, and to find human interest stories where people have use this product and it has saved their life or stopped an attack," says Terry. "I want people to give me input about their stories of using pepper spray, and to tell me how it's helped them."

Self-protection is important to Terry, both on a personal level and as a social issue. "I'm a concerned citizen that is trying to help other people against home invasion, parking lot instances, carjacking, and other situations," explains Terry. "I also carry pepper spray and have it in my home for my own protection. I've been carrying pepper spray now for about five years on my key ring. I feel other people should do the same and have their protection at their fingertips."

In using the blog, Terry hopes to expound upon these ideas, as well as helping people find the items they need. "I'm willing to work with them and talk about what kinds of pepper spray they need for their own protection," he says. "There are different kinds of pepper sprays out there -- there's one a woman can carry that looks like lipstick, or a pen that a man can carry in his pocket. I also offer a free replacement if it's used in self-defense -- if you show me proof of a police report, I will replace that item for free."

Overall, Terry's first goal is to help people protect themselves. "I'm tired of reading about these tragedies in the news. Two realtors in Las Vegas were assaulted and raped, and that may not have occurred if they'd had this product on them. You hear about this kind of thing no matter what part of the country you're in. I want to help people protect themselves. If they have some protection with them, they can stop personal attacks in a matter of seconds."

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