LegalView Informs Readers of Mentally Disabled Individuals Hired to Cleanup and Dispose of Toxic Asbestos-Containing Materials

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LegalView recently informed its readers that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington had allegedly hired a mentally disabled crew to tear down an air route traffic control center, which contained toxic levels of asbestos. Investigations are underway to determine why the FAA used the crew., the number one resource for everything legal on the Internet, alerted readers via the Mesothelioma Information Blog to the story of a crew of mentally disabled workers that was hired to cleanup a former air route traffic control center containing toxic levels of asbestos. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington had hired the crew to clean up the site, which according to a 1993 report contained asbestos - a deadly material causing an incurable form of lung cancer known as mesothelioma when inhaled. An investigation is currently underway to determine if the FAA intentionally hired the crew in order to circumvent safety procedures. Individuals who may have previously come into contact or have a loved one that has been exposed to asbestos fibers should locate a mesothelioma lawyer for details of the legalities involved in a claim.

Asbestos was used as a form of insulation in schools, universities, homes, offices, apartments and government buildings across the country and was additionally used in other various construction-related projects including some vinyl flooring installations. It was often inexpensive and less flammable than many other types of insulation, which is why its use was widespread. Asbestos is derived from vermiculite, a mineral that was mined throughout the United States and around the world for decades. Years after the mines closed and the dangers became apparent of inhaling these fibers, many of the mineworkers and their families began to suffer symptoms of several differing illnesses only to discover that they had mesothelioma cancer. Those who worked in the mines or in any employment capacity where asbestos inhalation may have occurred should consider contacting an experienced mesothelioma attorney for more information about the law regarding asbestos exposure. To learn more, visit

It takes years and usually decades before mesothelioma appears in the body, by which time it is too late to treat and in most cases it is often misdiagnosed because of symptom similarity to other conditions. Individuals who have suffered from exposure to asbestos should consider finding a mesothelioma law firm to determine what can be done to derive compensatory damages by developing a mesothelioma lawsuit.

LegalView is dedicated to aiding the suffering of millions of Americans who are plagued by mesothelioma as well as those affected by other legal issues in today's society. For example, houses an array of information portals ranging from the latest U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) news on Baxter Heparin reactions to information about Chantix risks to traumatic brain injury (TBI) treatments.

Heparin is a blood-thinning drug injected into individuals during surgical procedures including those undergoing dialysis or heart surgery. Manufactured by the Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Heparin has been widely used since the 1930s in patients. Recently, though, a string of allergic reactions has compromised the safety of patients who were given the injection. The FDA is investigating the drug, which was recently recalled because of the serious nature of possible Heparin allergic reactions.

Similar to Heparin is a drug that is also under investigation by the FDA. Chantix, a non-smoking aid, has been linked to nearly 40 suicide deaths among patients who had been prescribed the smoking cessation drug. Additionally, Chantix side effects can include depression, erratic behavior, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Individuals who are currently taking Chantix and are experiencing any of these side effects should contact their physician immediately to learn about discontinuing use of the drug.

Also, LegalView offers the latest on TBI treatments as well as what to do if a brain injury accident has occurred. TBI affects millions of Americans each year and can severely damage an individual's life by affecting their motor, speech or social skills or their memory as well a plentitude of other impairments. The LegalView portal also offers an attorney referral service that can be used to locate expert brain injury lawyers.

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