Seeking a New Insight into the 2008 Presidential Race? Bestselling author Carmen Harra Reveals the Outcome of this Challenging Contest!

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For more than 20 years, Carmen Harra, Ph.D. has established a remarkable track record of predictions with respect to political elections and other world events -- an accuracy rate of 93 percent. Twelve years ago, Carmen predicted that Hillary Clinton would be the next senator from New York -- and in 2000, she personally told Hillary that she would be running for president in 2008. With an ability to "see" future events -- based on a combination of numerology, the Kaballah, and other factors -- Carmen has some surprising things to say about the 2008 presidential race.

As the intensity and the uncertainty of the political race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton increases, countless political pundits and pollsters have weighed in, offering speculation on how this contest will evolve, heading into the Democratic National Convention in August. If you're looking for the definitive word on what will happen, however, one voice that truly must be heard is that of Carmen Harra, Ph.D, a renowned metaphysical intuitive. It's no exaggeration to say that the accuracy of her forecasts about political events (both in the U.S. and internationally) is nothing short of remarkable.

"Each of us has a destiny code, based on when we were born, and we go through karmic cycles that determine when we are likely to struggle and when we're likely to succeed. I can confidently predict that as we move into late summer and the fall, the fate of all three candidates will turn dramatically. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are destined to form a Democratic 'dream team' tht John McCain will not be able to defeat because of his own karmic code."
-- Dr. Carmen Harra

Carmen Harra has accurately predicted…

Over the course of more than 20 years, metaphysical intuitive Carmen Harra has established a 93 percent rate of accuracy with her predictions of world events. (Her unique background gives Carmen special insight into this subject.)

  • In 1997, Carmen predicted that Hillary Clinton would become a U.S. Senator representing New York. A year later, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan announced his intention to retire, and Hillary Clinton moved to New York and went on to win his seat. (In addition, Carmen told Sen. Clinton personally in 2000 that she would run for president in 2008. You can imagine the First Lady's reaction!)
  • In January of 1998, she predicted that New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani would drop out of the New York Senate race for health reasons. In May 1998, Giuliani did withdraw from the race due to prostate cancer.
  • In January 2003 (in an interview on NBC "Today") -- when there were several contenders for the Democratic nomination and several candidates had yet to declare their intentions -- Carmen predicted that John Kerry would be the Democratic nominee for president in 2004.
  • In August 2004, Carmen said that Al Gore would win the presidency but not take office.
  • On Telemundo in 2004, Carmen accurately described the man she saw becoming the next president of Ecuador - an election then two years away. (She said he would be "a tall man about 40 years old, with light eyes and a nice smile, three children, and a name that begins with the letter 'R.'") No one fit that description at the time she made that statement, but Carmen's prediction turned out to be completely accurate -- when dark horse candidate Rafael Correa won the election in 2006.
  • In January 1999, Carmen predicted that according to karmic codes and her own metaphysical intuition, the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton would not result in his being ousted from office. The impeachment process ended -- without Clinton's removal -- on February 12.
  • In 1997, just after the death of Princess Diana on August 31, Carmen predicted the death of Mother Teresa was imminent - and this beloved religious leader did pass away just a few days later.
  • In 1996, Carmen advised Lauren Bessette to avoid traveling in small airplanes. Lauren died three years later along with her sister Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, when the small plane piloted by Carolyn's husband John F. Kennedy, Jr. crashed.

Carmen's Forecast for the 2008 Presidential Race

As can be seen from this remarkable record, what Carmen sees as the outcome of the 2008 Presidential race is certain to make for a fascinating interview. (She says, for example, that numerologically both Obama and Clinton are "number 11's" and that this is very significant with respect to the outcome of the election in November.) In one of her books, Carmen says her ability to "see" the outcome of future events can be traced to a near-death experience in her childhood, when she nearly drowned in a river. She also says that her "gift" is something we all have, yet few know how to access. In her one-on-one work with clients (who have included Candice Bergen and Jennifer Lopez, among other celebrities) she enjoys sharing techniques that make it easier for all of us to tap into this "special knowledge." She also says that numerology holds the key to predicting whether Obama or Clinton will prevail going into the general election, as well as how the Democratic nominee will do against Sen. John McCain.

Carmen Harra, Ph.D.

Truly a "renaissance woman," Carmen Harra, Ph.D. is a renowned clinical psychologist, metaphysician, radio personality, and author who holds two Ph.D. degrees. Her books - "Everyday Karma," "Decoding Your Destiny," and "The Trinity of Health" - have won praise from readers and spiritual leaders throughout the world. Deepak Chopra called "Everyday Karma" a book that "can dramatically change your life for the better." Prior to moving to the U.S., Carmen enjoyed a very successful career as a singer in her native Romania. Now dividing her time between New York City and south Florida, Carmen also has created a line of jewelry (featured on QVC) which reflects her interest in spiritual themes. Carmen has appeared on NBC "Today," "Good Day, New York," Fox News, and numerous other national and top market broadcasts. She has also been quoted in The New York Times, The New York Post, Self Magazine, Us Weekly, Vogue and Elle. Carmen has hosted regular radio shows on the Healthy Life, Contact Talk Radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio networks.

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