Experts Say Gas to Hit $5 By Summer

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In addition to compiling and maintaining an impressive database of current car reviews and daily news briefs, the writers and researchers at also track long-term trends in the automotive world, including the rising cost of fuel in the United States. As part of the site's extensive library of car and driving-related topics, visitors will find materials on fuel efficient vehicles including hybrid and alternative-powered cars as well as tips on conserving gasoline to lessen the infamous "pain at the pump." Taken as a whole, these components make the Internet's primary resource on all aspects of buying, owning, and driving their vehicles in the 21st century.

Prices head up over the weekend, with the coming of summer, American drivers find themselves spending more and more of their hard-earned dollars feeding their cars at the pump. Looking at reports from across the country, the writers and researchers at California-based are joining the host of automotive pundits predicting that gasoline will hit $5 a gallon in coming months. As a site long devoted to helping consumers pick the right car at the best price including car loans financing with insurance options, Carseek takes no pleasure in adding its voice to the growing consensus of industry analysts who say American drivers are about to experience their highest fuel costs in history.

"We like to be upbeat and optimistic around here. We love cars and everything about them," said Wes Mayder, CEO and President of "But the truth of the matter is that in localities with the highest prices and lowest wages, Americans are using about 13% of their paychecks on gas. In big cities with lots of public transportation the figure is about 2%, but across the board those numbers are going to go up."

The weekend before the Easter holiday, drivers in California paid $3.63 on average, while motorists in states like Oregon and Washington were at $3.40. "Drivers are going to have to start getting savvy about when they fill up and where they look for gas," said Mayder. "That's the kind of information we've provided in the past and you can expect more of that kind of content in our articles section in the coming weeks."

Mayder pointed to the numerous little tricks busy drivers might ignore, like the fact that gasoline from stations along major highways is usually more expensive as is fuel sold by auto repair shops and car washes. "Prices head up over the weekend," said Mayder, "so drivers should try to fill up mid-week. Timing and looking for a lower price outside your regular route can make a big difference in how much you pay."

In the Articles section of the Carseek site drivers can find pieces like "10 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline and Increase Fuel Economy" as well as "Hybrid vs. Gas - Comparison of Costs and Benefits." Additional information covers emerging technologies like hydrogen fuel cells and even electrics powered with lithium-ion batteries.

"We've always done our utmost to respond to the times and give our readers information they can put to work in a practical way," said Mayder. "We don't like saying $5 gas is on the way, but at the same time, we'll work to give our readers as much information as we can find on how to buy wisely, conserve fuel, and switch to the most efficient cars on the market."

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