Esquire Innovations Releases iScrub Version 5.0

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iScrub 5.0 for metadata management released. Metadata management tool to address electronic discovery and law firm security concerns.

Esquire Innovations, Inc., a leading provider of Microsoft Office integration software services and applications for the legal market, today announced the release of iScrub version 5.0, the latest upgrade of its metadata removal and management utility for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) and PDF files.

iScrub v5.0, an enterprise-wide application for metadata removal and metadata management in law firms, uses sophisticated technologies to remove visible metadata and clean the hidden or difficult to reach file elements. It also provides a centralized administration feature that allows firms to establish, protect and control the metadata removal settings. Version 5 integrates with MS Office 2007. Based on Office 2007 XML document structure, iScrub has the ability to examine, protect, mine, and manage metadata in much more thorough fashion.

iScrub v5.0 provides the following metadata management advantages:

  • Flexibility: Manages metadata in both Open XML Document Format and Office 2003 Binary format: Firm's do not need to worry about file formats leaving their electronic walls.
  • Performance: The scrubbing process on both Open XML Document Format and Office 2003 Binary format is twice as fast as previous iScrub versions;
  • Customization: Provides a separate Windows Vista-styled ribbon that can be customized;
  • Security: Installation conforms to VISTA's User Access Control setting "On." User Account Control (UAC) is a new security component in Windows Vista. UAC enables users to perform common tasks as non-administrators, called standard users in Windows Vista, and as administrators without having to switch users, log off, or use Run As.

iScrub v5.0 includes the following popular features:

  • Metadata Viewer: A built-in review and reporting tool (iDiscover) designed to capture and display document metadata;
  • E-mail Integration: E-mail integration capability to prevent the inadvertent release of confidential information. It is critical to capture documents that are attached to e-mail messages and later published outside the firm. iScrub can require users to clean all documents sent outside the firm as part of an non-invasive automated workflow process.
  • MetaSealant: A powerful feature that allows users to first clean a document and then lock it down.
  • "SpinCycle" Metadata Removal: iScrub's "SpinCycle" utility can remove the metadata from a group of MS Office and PDF files or an entire directory all at once. This is called "batch metadata management.
  • Speed: iScrub 5.0 is significantly faster than the current version
  • Control: More control over metadata elements in Office Documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Technology upgrade: iScrub 5.0 continues to use and leverage its rich XML technology to Metadata management and security;

iScrub is included in the popular iOffice System product suite which includes iCreate, a template and macro product: iRedline, a redlining tool for Microsoft Word and Excel: and iDocID, a universal document management system-integrated ID stamper.

"Metadata management is a critical law firm issue that only continues to intensify the need for comprehensive technology," said Randall Farrar, President and CEO, Esquire Innovations, Inc. "iScrub version 5.0 is our answer to the next generation of law firm metadata management."

To learn more about Esquire Innovations' iScrub v5.0 call 951-506-5641, or visit

About Esquire Innovations
Esquire Innovations, Inc., a leading provider of Microsoft Office integration software services and applications for the legal market, counts more than 500 law firm clients in 110 cities utilizing its applications. Esquire Innovations has been developing, supporting, and selling document creation, formatting, re-purposing, comparing, and metadata management software applications in the legal industry since 1999. The product line includes iCreate, a template and macro product, iScrub, metadata management for Microsoft Office documents, iRedline, the redlining tool for Microsoft Word and Excel, iDocID, a powerful universal document management system-integrated ID stamper, and iCreate DA, an online, subscription-based document assembly application.


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