Achieve Optimal Levels Of Vitamin D Without Side Effects With The All-New 30-Minutes Of Sunshine™ Formula, Available From Lifespan Nutrition

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Higher-dose vitamin D supplements are now in demand. But consumers who take higher-dose vitamin D supplements and whose dietary intake of calcium is high may experience muscle cramping and other symptoms, which can be avoided by taking vitamin D in combination with muscle-relaxing magnesium - as provided in the new "30 Minutes of Sunshine™" dietary supplement by Lifespan Nutrition.

Americans don't get enough sunshine and experts now suggest Americans need to supplement their diet to achieve optimal levels of vitamin D. 30-Minutes of Sunshine™ is the new vitamin D3 dietary supplement that does this safely and affordably.

30-Minute of Sunshine™, available from Lifespan Nutrition, is the all new mineral-balanced vitamin D3 supplement featuring 5000 international units (IU) of water-soluble vitamin D3 combined with magnesium citrate, vitamin B6 and ferulate from rice bran, all for less than 25 cents per day. Up to 5000 units of supplemental vitamin D3 is now recommended by The Vitamin D Council.

Health authorities recognize vitamin D deficiency is widespread and now advise the public to obtain 30 minutes of midday sunshine or about 5000 international units of vitamin D per day, for optimal health. [Expert Opinion in Pharmacotherapy 9: 107-18, January 2008] The Recommended Daily Value for vitamin D (400 IU) does not significantly raise blood concentrations of vitamin D to levels achieved by regular midday sun exposure.

This unique formula is designed to optimize vitamin D3 absorption and prevent muscle cramping that may be induced by high-dose vitamin D supplements that are now in demand.

Since vitamin D increases utilization of calcium and magnesium, and the American diet is overly rich in calcium (Americans consume about three times more calcium than magnesium), an unfavorable calcium-to-magnesium ratio may produce avoidable side effects.

Since calcium promotes muscle tightness and magnesium muscle relaxation, calcium dominance can produce symptoms such as muscle cramping and constipation. Other symptoms of excessive calcium include migraine headaches, heart flutters and anxiety reactions. In addition to dietary calcium, many Americans may be taking calcium supplements with vitamin D which may further exacerbate these symptoms. [Journal American College Nutrition 1994 Oct; 13(5):429-46]

30 Minutes Of Sunshine™ provides 125 milligrams of elemental magnesium citrate per capsule along with water-soluble vitamin D3, both highly absorbable forms of these nutrients.

The 30-Minutes of Sunshine™ formula also provides an ample amount of vitamin B6 required for magnesium utilization, and rice bran ferulate, a natural antioxidant that may improve the ability of vitamin D to enter cells via enhanced sensitivity of the vitamin D receptor.

Vitamin D3 is the natural form of vitamin D, which is preferred over synthetic vitamin D2. Some vitamin D experts state that vitamin D2 is not suitable for supplementation or food fortification. [American Journal Clinical Nutrition 2006 Oct; 84(4):694-7]

While natural vitamin D is free and amply provided by skin exposure to midday sun, most Americans are deficient, particularly during winter months or when living in northern climates. Many people living in sunny climates have also been found to be deficient. The best diet only provides a few hundred units of vitamin D and does not meaningfully raise vitamin D levels.

Concerns over excessive sun exposure and skin cancer are far outweighed by the benefits of vitamin D, which include improved cardiovascular, bone, muscle and cellular health and enhanced immunity. Now consumers have a way, using dietary supplements, to obtain vitamin D without concerns over excessive sun exposure.

Only recently have health authorities realized they have been unduly concerned over potential side effects from higher-dose vitamin D, given that an hour of midday full-body sun exposure can produce up to 10,000 units of natural vitamin D without side effects. Medical textbooks must now be rewritten.

A portion of the sale of 30-Minutes of Sunshine™ is donated to The Vitamin D Council. For more information about vitamin D and the 30-Minutes of Sunshine™ formula, including a free Family Guide For Vitamin D, please visit or call Lifespan Nutrition at 1 800 247-5731.

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