Wireless 5.1 Headphones Provide Simple Surround Sound Solution for your HDTV

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LTB Audio systems, Inc. (http://www.ltbaudio.com) is offering a new wireless headphone system that can perform the task of allowing full enjoyment of your Hi-Definition HDTV audio without the expense or complexity of installing a surround sound speaker system. Q-Home-FX, a true 5.1 surround sound digital wireless headphone system offers the closest real experience of a home theater audio system as well as the flexibility to take full advantage of game console systems with the privacy and comfort of a personal audio experience. The new headphones offered by LTB are based on patented technologies for true 5.1 separation and chambering of spatial audio channels and a robust digital wireless functionality that allows them to deliver real surround sound from HDTV, movies, DVD's and gaming systems.

The LTB Q-Home-FX system, a wireless headphone system that contains the full range of chambered emitters found in a 5.1 home theater speaker system will have movie fans and gamers sitting on the edge of their seat. Imagine the spatial surround sound effect a home theater sound system can deliver through strategically placed speakers, now imagine compressing this same technology into a lightweight, and compact headphone that fits comfortably on your head and delivers CD-quality sound without wires. LTB (http://www.ltbaudio.com) is offering a special discount and rebate through RadioShack.com on the new Q-Home-FX headphone systems until April 15th .

The Q-Home-FX system uses 6 patented speaker chambers to deliver superior directional audio effects from movies Hi-Def TV and game consoles. The advanced digital wireless technology provides a strong radio frequency connection that avoids interference from Wifi, Bluetooth and cordless telephones. Put them on then move as far as 90 feet from the transmitter without distortion or static and virtually connect unlimited headsets to the transmitter to provide audio for a whole auditorium. "For those who have recently purchased a new HDTV system or new digital DVD player, the thought about how to take advantage of the Hi-Definition sound coming out of the new equipment probably came up. Good sound systems can be very costly and difficult to setup. You may not have a dedicated home theater space or may not wish to listen at the same volume as your movie partner" said Jon Miller, VP of Sales for LTB Audio Systems. "The Q-Home-FX system is designed to be your whole house wireless headphone. It can accept audio input from digital as well as stereo sources. It can be used with all console gaming systems and even offers the option of an Xbox Live microphone"

As with all of LTB's multi-channel headphone systems, long term use of the system is safe because of LTB's patented Safebass® technology. By limiting Bass frequencies below 100db, Miller said Safebass® allows a user to listen longer and not risk impairment to their hearing. "LTB is the first manufacturer to come to market with a true 5.1 wireless system while other manufacturers have offered virtual 5.1 emulation or Dolby virtual headphone technology for several years, " said Miller, "However, no one has created a true 5.1 wireless system that can recreate the true 5.1 effect including center channels and subwoofer as found in strategically placed speaker systems. Only LTB has made such technology available in a reliable, comfortable and cost effective product".

LTB will release the new Q-Home-FX wireless headphone system through RadioShack.com beginning this March. The price promotion and rebate are available from March 15th - April 15th. See RadioShack.com for details.

About LTB Audio Systems

LTB, which stands for Listen To Believe, represents a product line focused on providing leading edge audio and multimedia headphones designed to meet the optimal demands of the latest Digital Media in Games, and Movies as well as music and Hi Def Audio. LTB controls various key technology patents that have made them an upcoming leading manufacturer of true surround sound technology products. For more information visit LTB at http://www.ltbaudio.com.

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