Doctor Available to Talk About the Missing Link between Alzheimer's and Belly Fat

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Dr. Randolph, author of From Belly Fat to Belly Flat, comments on new study linking abdominal weight gain to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease. Estrogen Dominance is the link, says Randolph, but that no one should just despair that they have to get old, fat and senile. He offers a safe and natural solution.

Belly fat in your 40s can boost the risk of getting Alzheimer's disease or other dementia decades later according to a study released this week in the Journal of Neurology.

C.W. Randolph, Jr, M.D., R.Ph., co-author of the newly released best selling book From Belly Fat to Belly Flat, says "The results of this study are not surprising to me. What is surprising is that the traditional medical community has taken so long to establish the link. Even more unfortunate is that few physicians -- or their patients -- understand the underlying cause of why abdominal weight gain and storage impairs neurological function."

Dr. Randolph says estrogen dominance is the new E.D. that everyone should know about.

"Estrogen dominance is a condition that results from the shift in hormone production that occurs naturally with age." says Randolph. "This shift begins with women in their 30's and with men in their 40's. Our ovaries and testes produce three sex hormones which are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. In a healthy person's 20s, the levels of these hormones are in optimal ratio, or equilibrium. With age, production of these hormones starts to decline. The first hormone to drop off in production is progesterone. In fact, in women, progesterone production declines 120 times more rapidly than estrogen production. The result is a hormonal imbalance within the body. The medical term for this condition is 'estrogen dominance.'"

"The bad news is that estrogen dominance predisposes the body to pack on pounds around the middle," says Genie James, M.M.Sc, co-author of From Belly Fat to Belly Flat. "Even worse, body fat produces more estrogen so an overweight person is often caught in a viscous cycle where that tire around the middle is impossible to lose. Even worse, estrogen dominant love handles predispose the body to many health risks.Unbalanced estrogen, or estrogen dominance, in the body causes cerebral edema (retention of water). The first symptom of this is foggy thinking. In addition to impaired cognitive function and Alzheimer's disease, medical studies have linked estrogen dominance and belly fat to an increased risk of breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer, heart attack and stroke."

"No one should just despair that they are going to get old, fat and senile," says Randolph, "there is a safe and natural hope and solution. Estrogen dominance can be eliminated by restoring the body's optimal hormone ratio via bio-identical progesterone replacement. Progesterone serves a role in keeping brain cells healthy. Premature senility, or Alzheimer's disease, is frequently a disease secondary to progesterone deficiency."

In addition to bio-identical progesterone replacement, Ms James tells us that "Specific belly-blaster foods can help the body eliminate its extra estrogen naturally through the bowel."

When asked to describe "belly blaster foods", Ms. James responds "Cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale); citrus fruits (such as oranges, grapefruits or tangerines), insoluble fibers (such as whole grains, oats, zucchini or tomatoes) and lignans (flax seed, flax seed oil or sesame seeds). After helping thousands of patients finally lose their belly fat, we developed a tasty and simple nutritional program that we offer in From Belly Fat to Belly Flat . Recipes are also provided."

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