Mom Writer's Literary Magazine Sprouts a Fresh Issue for Spring

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Doesn't spring make us all feel refreshed? The sun shines, flowers are in bloom, and it seems like new beginnings are everywhere. At Mom Writer's Literary Magazine (MWLM) spring is the perfect time to focus on potential and possibilities.

Doesn't spring make us all feel refreshed? The sun shines, flowers are in bloom, and it seems like new beginnings are everywhere. At Mom Writer's Literary Magazine (MWLM) spring is the perfect time to focus on potential and possibilities. This information-packed publication is filled with columns, profiles and inspirational essays - everything necessary to motivate mom writers everywhere.

"The concept of spring cleaning is familiar to most moms, and MWLM takes it a step further. For our readers it's time to weed out the old, musty and negative, and welcome in fresh ideas, creative energy and new beginnings. Our cover story on Nancy Cleary focuses on the potential of women writers everywhere." said Paula Schmitt, MWLM's founder and publisher.

In "A Book is Born," Cleary calls on her publishing expertise to provide a how-to guide for mom writers. Using the metaphor of birth, the book advises authors on all aspects of the writing process from pre-publication to post-publication. Teacher, mentor, coach and consultant, Cleary weaves the experiences of 24 female authors together as all see their books travel from "conception" to "birth." As a publisher Cleary is supportive and encouraging, but the book also points out that some of her authors have a difference of opinion when it comes to what works and what doesn't. With 20 years of experience, Cleary also helps 21st Century writers with tips on new media like how to use pod casts, Web sites and blogs.

The spring edition of MWLM also includes several fresh profiles. "Our goal is to inspire women by profiling individuals who have faced adversity, gained success, or are pursuing their authentic goal in life. This quarter we're profiling two women who have traveled much different paths while pursuing their dreams, yet each has achieved success," said Schmitt.

One profile highlights writer and editor Susan Heim. Editor of the bestselling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, Heim also is the author of three parenting books. Her inspirational and honest style resonates with women trying to juggle career and motherhood.

Readers also will meet Ellen Cockrill. As Senior Vice President of Animation Production for Universal Studios Home Entertainment Family Productions, Cockrill has moved steadily up the ranks of corporate America. Her career began at Walt Disney Television, she moved on to Samuel Goldwyn Company, and continued to hone her skills at Hanna-Barbera Cartoons before landing at Universal in 1996. Cockrill's accomplishments include producing "The Land Before Time," and PBS's "Curious George" television programs.

MWLM's spring issue also includes two contemporary book reviews. On the non-fiction front, Ann Dunnewold's "Even June Clever Would Forget the Juice Box" provides some sensible parenting advice. Dunnewold encourages women to give up on that perfect parenting ideal, relax a little, and let go of the blame, judgment and guilt that comes from pursuing some unattainable view of parenthood. In "The Accidental Mother" Rowan Coleman has penned a fictional story of two friends whose lives have taken different paths. When Carrie dies suddenly, career woman Sophie is asked to step in and care for her two young girls. Funny, serious and maybe even worthy of a tear or two, "The Accidental Mother" is an original and enjoyable read.

In addition to the immersive cover story, interesting profiles and book reviews, Mom Writer's Literary Magazine is filled with feature stories, poetry, columns and essays. The publication is dedicated to encouraging mom writers by providing useful information and tips. The magazine and Web site combine to provide a one-of-a-kind resource for writing mothers everywhere.

"Spring is an inspirational time. We all feel like starting fresh, and sometimes encouragement is just the nudge a mom needs to tackle or finish that writing project. MWLM provides writing moms with the perfect blend of useful information and motivation. Plus, since so many of us are in the same boat - writing, raising children, and working - the magazine provides a friendly, fun, creative outlet," Schmitt said. Furthermore, in this issue MWLM is excited to present the first-liner writing contest. Winners will receive $100 and be featured in the on-line and print editions of MWLM.

Mom Writer's Literary Magazine's blog can be found online. The blog was recently nominated for the Hottest Mommy Blogger award and the Best Parenting Blog award.


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