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Companies that don't have to waste time with tedious tasks have a tremendous advantage over companies that do. Office efficiency experts at have a tip for anyone seeking to increase productivity in the office: folder/inserters.

The most efficient offices in America did not become such through the efforts of their employees alone. They rely on help from advanced office equipment. Even a team wholly comprised of so-called "over achievers" could not rival the output of a modern machine designed to perform a specific task. For some industries, this is a recognition of the futility of human labor. Fortunately for office workers, the use of machinery only replaces certain jobs the workers have to do, not the workers themselves. There are many machines that can increase employees' productivity without compromising their individual contributions. A corporate-capacity folder/inserter is perhaps the most notable of these machines.

A folder/inserter assumes the duties that, in an office setting, are both universally familiar and universally unpopular. By placing letters or other documents on the feeding tray(the higher calibrated the machine, the more stacks of paper it can hold), the operator is alleviated of having to fold the paper, insert it into an envelope, and wet the seal. Any company that uses envelopes can save exponential amounts of time by utilizing folder/inserter technology. They are easy to use and pose no threat to the employee's safety.

Most companies do not hire someone specifically to lick their envelopes. Most do not employ someone to fold their letters and put them into envelopes. Generally, one person, who inevitable has something better to do, is designated to attend to the outgoing mail. One alternative is for every person in the office to fold, insert and seal their own mail. Folder/inserters maximize an office's productivity by minimizing the number of side jobs that deter employees from their commitments; commitments that actually require an individual's skills.

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