Philosophical Novel Examines Our Power Over the Past, Present and Future

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Author How Kuff examines the biggest issues of the 21st Century through the eyes of a diverse group of world travelers in his new novel "Changing History."

In the spirit of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," author How Kuff explores the current state of humanity through the happenstance meeting of seven world travelers in his philosophical novel "Changing History" (ISBN 9780595464449, iUniverse, 2007).

A serene teahouse in the mountains of Tibet sets the stage for the chance meeting of Kuff's travelers, all seeking refuge from an unexpected snowstorm. Inside the comforting shelter of the teahouse, the travelers begin to share their stories, the circumstances that led them to Tibet and the events that drove them to question fundamental aspects of their lives. Kuff brings the culture and history of Tibet to life with rich details and a deep understanding of the Tibetan people, gained on a recent trip to Tibet, which inspired the novel.

"Changing History" examines the biggest issues of the 21st Century through the travelers' compelling first-person narratives. Their diverse backgrounds vary greatly across age, gender, culture and race, bringing a wide variety of viewpoints to their reflective conversation. The travelers' emotionally charged tales expand on the nature of their relationships to the world around them and share their personal struggles with self-expression, discrimination, politics, economics, religion, love and war.

When it becomes clear that their stories are all connected on a metaphysical level, the travelers begin to develop a new understanding of humanity. Taking insight from Buddhism, quantum physics and deep ecology, "Changing History" promotes the idea of world citizenship and the innate interconnectedness of all living things. "We are intimately connected to all that has occurred before and to all that will occur in the future," Kuff says. "We have tremendous power through our present actions to change the past and make the future."

Through the travelers' absorbing and timeless stories, Kuff urges readers to consider their intimate connections through time and space to all people, places and things. "Changing History" is an intelligent and captivating novel that makes a compelling argument for our inherent, present power to change the effects of the past and create a better future.

About the Author
How Kuff resides in the Ozark Mountains near Pettigrew, Ark. He holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy and bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics. He is currently working on a companion version of "Changing History" for young adults.

"Changing History" (ISBN 9780595464449, iUniverse, 2007) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.

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