Green Tea Health Store Brings Nourishing Multivitamins Online

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Newly-opened is working to change the way people think about green tea, offering multivitamins infused with the healthful essence of green tea as well as supplements for a number of other ailments and maladies.

While the benefits of green tea beverages are currently the buzz of the health community, newly-launched has gone one step further in offering dietary supplements that harness the benefits of green tea, thinking beyond mere beverages. "I got started because of my personal interest in the world of wellness," explains Rosemarie Wilson, the site's founder. "When I dove deeper into the subject of green tea I realized that a lot of people are drinking it, but they don't know the health benefits. I felt that if more people understood the true benefits of green tea, then more people would be using it."

Rosemarie's dedication to the subject led her to a variety of alternative green tea products. "I needed something different from the common way of thinking of green tea, that being in terms of a simple beverage," she explains. "A lot of people are unfamiliar with the fact that green tea comes in so many different versions -- not just a beverage, but capsules, multivitamins with green tea, skin care products containing green tea ... there are so many version of green tea right now on the market that can benefit people in the area of wellness."

It was Rosemarie's struggle with endometriosis that led her to seek it as a remedy, and from there to offer it to others. "I had my own struggle for the past 7 years, and when I studied the research about green tea I realized that, had I known what I know today, I'd have been able to avoid as many surgeries as I've had," says Rosemarie, whose condition has improved greatly since she began taking green tea supplements. "I care about people in terms of ensuring that they are well, and not only that, I like the alternative side of it. You can treat an ailment or disease or whatever not necessarily just with chemical or synthetic products. People suffering from high cholesterol or high blood pressure… green tea has been proven to help reduce cholesterol naturally. You can treat the ailment without causing any other side effects to your body."

Rosemarie discusses the benefits of green tea on her blog at, allowing her customers to comment back and share their opinions. "I'd like the blog to give me a sort of platform to interact with customers," says Rosemarie. "I'd like to know what they think of the product; if they're looking for a certain product in particular that I'm not selling but could be selling. I'd also like to know if they are looking into getting more research feedback relating to green tea -- what the medical world is saying."

The blog also discusses special offers and discounts, which Rosemarie offers frequently to encourage people to get healthy. "I want them to be healthy. That's what I care about. One thing I know for sure is that once someone starts using green tea and seeing the benefits of it, it's very difficult for them to keep it to themselves. To encourage that, if my customers refer others to my site and their referrals make purchases, I will gladly repay them at 10% of the purchase value."

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