Ross Defense Helps Customers Fight Back Against Crime

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New online outlet offers affordable, reliable self-defense items to help protect their customers from theft and assault.

Darrell Ross of recently opened his online self-defense superstore in response to the rising nationwide crime rate. "We're basically in a crime wave, and this is something that can help," says Darrell, who is concerned with the amount of violent crime reported in the news. "I want to try and help the community. I've been tormented by petty theft for years, and some things just can't be replaced. Money can't replace items with sentimental value."

Seeing the effects of crime locally is what sparked Darrell's interest in opening a store. "I live in a small town, and it used to be quiet until Hurricane Katrina," he explains. "Crime went up. This is something non-lethal where the community can fight back against crime and protect themselves. It's a way of having peace of mind."

Ross Defense offers not only products for protecting against assailants, but also security items to monitor and protect the home. "They're well worth having and using, because they're going to be of great benefit," says Darrell, whose goal is ultimately to give customers a way to fight back against criminals who would otherwise find them vulnerable.

Darrell has also begun a blog at, detailing his store. "I'll be using the blog to discuss the products themselves, showing how to use them and demonstrating their ability to work," he explains. "I'd like to make some videos and put them on there, demonstrating things like the stun guns or the pepper spray. I'd like to get that information out."

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