Golight Spotlights Help Boaters Stay Safe During Global Climate Change

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Lighting has become many things important to us, an art form for expression as well. Most importantly, is the superior awareness that a well-lit area provides, verses a poorly lit one. Dangers lurk around every corner and below every surface and the more one can visually confirm, the better. Magnalights provide superior lighting for all situations but are proven most important in marine environments.

There are fundamental issues with light and water

National statistics report that boating accidents due to collisions is rising dramatically. The boundaries of lakes, rivers and other waterways are changing as the impact of global warming continues. While some lakes with historically high natural levels are down dramatically, others are at record highs. Boaters unfamiliar with these changes experience expensive boat and propeller damage encountering logs, stumps, rocks and other immovable objects that are just below the surface. These collisions can strand boaters and/or cause injury to boaters during the incident. Golight spotlights for boats and various high powered high intensity discharge (HID) lights can really aid boaters in keeping themselves and their families safe.

"There are fundamental issues with light and water," stated Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics. "Obviously, a broad flood light will enable you to see the best. Think of the flood light in your backyard, it can illuminate a large area. However, when you introduce flood lights into a marine environment, you get a phenomenon known as 'casting.' Casting is caused by the humidity in the air dispersing the flood light. Once the light is dispersed, the human eye can no longer focus on objects at distances beyond this curtain of dispersed light. In effect, flood lights make visibility worse. Instead a more focused spotlight is effective. The narrower, brighter beam cuts through the humid air and aids the eye at seeing objects at distance."

The challenge with spotlights is that they only point at a single area in the distance. Life being what it is, the spot that the light is focused on is rarely the one where the rock, tree or other obstacle is. Golight spotlights are motorized lights that pan and tilt via a 4 button remote control. The boat operator positions the light beam where needed, scanning back and forth to investigate their path ahead. Being able to position the spotlight brings the best of both worlds together, eliminating issues with casting, while enabling the operator to effectively discern issues anywhere near the vessel."

Rob continued, "Golight spotlights are often installed by boat manufacturers, since they really want to address functionality and safety concerns. For the aftermarket and boat builders, we sell a large variety of Golight spotlights on http://www.magnalight.com including permanent mount spotlights, magnetic mount spotlights, and the popular Perko post mount spotlights with red and green running lights affixed. We also offer a BC-1 rail mount solution, so that boaters can attach the lights as far forward on the boat as possible, eliminating all casting and improving the reach and effectiveness of the spot beam."

Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and distributor of lighting products and other accessories for marine applications. You can learn more about Larson Electronics at magnalight.com or by calling 1-800-369-6671.


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