Chinese Olympic to Investigate Australian Technology in Sports Injury Recovery

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In 1996 the Chinese Olympic team came 4th in the total medal count. In 2000 they were 3rd and in 2004 they were 2nd. Now they have a burning desire to be number 1 in the medal count on their home soil and they have left no stone unturned in their quest, including taking the latest breakthrough in injury recovery from Australia and using it against us.

The Bio Synthetic relationship of Terpenes and Cineoles

Snubbed by the Australian Institute of Sport and overlooked by Australian team coaches across the nation, a new method fully developed by the Elmore Oil Company for rapidly increasing the rate of recovery from soft tissue injury, is being looked at by the Chinese in their bid for fame.

In 2005 an Australian company, who are leaders in pain relief and injury technology, developed the Sports version of their already famous topical lotion called, Elmore Oil, and set about enhancing it with the technology and the methodology to rapidly increase the rate of recovery from injury in athletes at the elite level, as well as providing multiple pre-competition advantages.

Elmore Oil Sports and the Faster than RICER recovery program has been picked up by some key individual athletes around the country, but has failed to capture the attention of the countries sports medicine decision makers. The companies managing director, Mark Linford, says that while he is pleased about the Chinese interest he is worried that Australia will again lose a key advantage to another country.

"There is no doubt we are delighted and proud of the interest shown by the Chinese team, but it's a shame that once again Australia may lose cutting edge technology to a sporting competitor. Elmore Oil Sports has anecdotally proven to provide a massive competitive edge, but clinical trials have not yet been fully completed and as a result the Australian Sports hierarchy seem to have just ignored the product. Despite that, the Chinese Medical advisers have at least taken the time to investigate the potential and will trial our product in the lead up to the games," said Mr. Linford.

Already used by the prestigious Singapore Sports Academy, the product will now be assessed by Mr. Sun Guixian, the principal medical advisor to the Chinese Olympic team in Beijing. The process was not a simple one, with all available clinical data having to be translated into Mandarin Chinese for the evaluation to take place, but Mr Linford says the project is certainly worth the cost.

"The market in China is enormous and with the potential endorsement from the Chinese team our entry to that market would be made all that much easier," said Mr. Linford.

Dr. Bob Chen, a U.S. trained physiotherapist heads up the medical team, based at the Hong Kong Polytechnics University and Dr. Chen has turned the focus of his medical staff towards recovery in the lead up to the 2008 games.

Studying the best techniques from Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom, Dr. Chen and his staff set out a program designed to extend the longevity of their athletes and allow them appropriate time for recovery between sessions. And now armed with the latest technology in sports medicine recovery from Australia, there could be no stopping them.

The innovative Polytechnics medical team have already used alternative, but cutting edge technology including a computerized Tai Chi exercise program. Recently featured on Discovery Channel, in a story on the goals and aims of the Chinese team for 2008, Dr. Chen says the target of being number one in the total medal count is right within their grasp and he believes his team will use any advantage they can find.

"In anticipation of the 2008 Olympics, most teams need rehabilitation services and occupational therapists. This is exactly where our expertise lies," said Dr. Chen

The new technology revolves around the already proven RICER system. With the potential for Elmore Oil Sports to be used in between ice applications, due to the lack of heat generation from the product, the opportunity exists to get the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the polybractea and melaleuca into the injured area quickly. The unique combination of vanilla extracts in the product formula act as a circulatory synergist to carry the active ingredients to the injured area without the need for deep massage.. A review paper entitled "The Bio Synthetic relationship of Terpenes and Cineoles" has been written to provide an overview for the more technically minded and can be downloaded from the Elmore Oil website as part of the medical data pack.

When asked exactly why he thought his product had been ignored by Australias peak sporting bodies, Mr. Linford was forthright in his answer. "Well you might call it scepticism" he said, "but the AIS does have a commercial relationship with Dencorub, who may be considered by some to be a competitor of ours. The truth of the matter is that Elmore Oil stands in a class of its own, but it may well be that they are putting money before the welfare and the potential competitive advantage of Australian athletes."


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