Biotivia Claims Upheld by the National Better Business Bureau Against Longevinex

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The National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau has upheld Biotivia product claims against the complaint made by rival Longevinex.

Biotivia is pleased to announce that the National Advertising Division, NAD, of the US Better Business Bureau has upheld, in total or with relatively minor clarifications, the product claims made by the company on its website, advertising and Biotivia product labels. Longevinex, a California startup competitor to Biotivia, filed a complaint with NAD alleging that virtually all of Biotivia's web site claims could not be substantiated. NAD conducted a lengthy and thorough review of Biotivia's claims and the evidence in support of these claims and decided against Longevinex in virtually every one of the company's allegations. The full text of the decision may be read on the NAD web site. The advertiser's statement, which was accepted by NAD and appended to their decision, reiterates the salient issues addressed by NAD in their final decision.

Enhanced bioavailability claim - Biotivia has been sustained in its claim of enhanced bioavailability. The results of extensive product development confirmed by human trials clearly show a mean improvement of 1.88 times, to a maximum improvement of 2.27 times compared to reference standard purified trans-resveratrol, as determined using the HPLC method of measurement. Biotivia agrees entirely with NAD's clarification which confirms that enhanced bioavailability claims made for Bioforte and Transmax apply specifically to a comparison of its resveratrol to the reference standard, purified lab-grade resveratrol.

Quercetin issue - Biotivia agrees that the issue of quercetin's effect on bioavailability of resveratrol in humans is complex and accepts the decision of NAD but with important qualifications. The study referenced by Longevinex upon which their complaint is based has been refuted by multiple later, more comprehensive studies which seriously question the advisability of inhibiting resveratrol metabolites. In any event Biotivia recognizes that this issue requires further investigation prior to establishing definitive conclusions as to quercetin's effect on bioavailability and will in future only state that Quercetin inhibits the metabolites, a fact with which Longevinex agrees.

Sirt1 Activation Claim -- Biotivia is pleased that NAD did not contest the claim that quercetin inhibits Sirt1 gene activation. Biotivia submitted the authoritative evaluation of quercetin done in 2006 which concluded that quercetin did not stimulate SIRT1 genes but actually inhibited it transcription.

Resveratrol stability (shelf life) - Biotivia agrees with NAD that shelf life claims regarding resveratrol apply to the compound itself not to any specific product. The most recent and authoritative study on the subject actually concluded that the shelf life of resveratrol supplements was at least 48 months even under harsh environmental conditions.

Biotivia supplies Transmax and Bioforte to research institutions and conducts studies of resveratrol's physiological effects. Again, Biotivia is satisfied that NAD has upheld its claim that Biotivia products are being supplied to researchers and universities for use in important human and animal trials. Biotivia has also provided both raw material and finished product in the form of Bioforte and Transmax to researchers at US universities and public and private research labs including, but not limited to Colombia University, Woods Hole Marine Biology Laboratory, Harvard University, the University of Pittsburg, the University of Montreal, and many others. Consequently no further action is required on the part of Biotivia as the company already complies with the position of NAD on this issue

CGMP manufacturing claim - Biotivia is pleased that NAD agrees that Biotivia manufacturers its products in accordance with FDA CGMP standards. Biotivia points out that its manufacturing facility possesses a valid, current GMP certificate issued by the Health Ministry pursuant to its authority from the US FDA to do so and is subject to frequent and unannounced inspections. Biotivia products are also inspected by the FDA upon importation to the US.

In summation Biotivia is extremely heartened that NAD has sustained its claims with respect to the outstanding quality, unique advantages and documented benefits of Bioforte and Transmax and is more than willing to implement the suggested clarifications noted in their final decision.

Biotivia is a global bioceuticals manufacturer based in New York which produces the high-potency ConsumerLab approved resveratrol products Transmax and Bioforte, as well as Bioflu immune support supplement, Bio Span+, a longevity supplement, and Bio Quench, a super fruit complex with a validated ORAC rating of 13,580. For further information see their web site at


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