Bella-Dura™: State-of-the-Art Performance Fabric Bringing Performance Back to Earth Soft, Strong, Colorfast, Anti-Microbial, Recyclable

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With Bella-Dura you don't have to choose between performance, style, or the environment. In fact, with Bella-Dura™ you can have it all…a performance fabric that surpasses all other performance fabrics in the marketplace (for indoor and outdoor applications). Inherently and permanently stain-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and bleach-cleanable, Bella-Dura fabrics also exceed 50,000 double rubs and 1,500 hours lightfastness. To top it off, Bella-Dura fabrics are earth-friendly, 100% recyclable and Cradle-to-Cradle certified by MBDC gold and silver.

Imagine a world where you don't have to choose between performance and the environment. A world where performance fabrics are soft, beautiful, and durable while working equally well indoors and out. Imagine Bella-Dura™ an entirely new class of fabric; a revolutionary fabric technology that surpasses other fabrics in the marketplace in terms of performance and sustainability.

Bella-Dura is available in almost limitless color, pattern, and weave options. Offering an unlimited yarn palate, Bella-Dura single-handedly dispels the myth that earth-friendly fabrics have to be drab. It applies this palate - which ranges from bright, saturated colors to more muted neutrals - to its family of woven products which include: Bella-Dura Classic, cotton-like flat woven fabrics, Bella-Dura Plush, a chenille, and Bella-Dura Drapery.

Comfortable, cleanable, and breathable, Bella-Dura exceeds 1500 hours of light fastness and 50,000 double rubs, is inherently bleach-cleanable, anti-microbial and Bella-Dura Drapery passes the stringent British Standard certification for drapery

The Innovative Indoor/Outdoor Fabric Technology
Bella-Dura is the result of collaboration between Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills and the engineers at American Fibers and Yarns Company and was three years of R & D in the making. The goal, to create a new fabric, not a "me too" fabric, that responded to industry demands of a fabric that performed equally well indoors and out, with all the performance features bundled into one. "When we began, we knew it was a challenge, but with the combination of talents, experience and technical proficiency we knew we could do it. We did. Bella-Dura fabric is stain resistant, anti-microbial, bleach cleanable, light fast, easy to clean, durable and of course possessed a great hand and a wide range of color and pattern options. In addition it exceeds all industry standards, in every category. It is a fiber breakthrough," says Irwin Gasner, CEO of Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills.

It's all in the Fibers
What makes Bella-Dura so different is that it is the very fiber itself that packs the performance. The fabric is woven from proprietary fibers that has its performance attributes of stain, microbial and fade resistance engineered right into the fiber itself. "Unlike other fabrics, we don't need to rely on harmful coatings or stain resistant finishes in the processing of our fabric to provide performance. Bella-Dura's performance is literally engineered into the fibers themselves, "says Irwin Gasner.

Because of this, Bella-Dura is inherently and permanently stain and microbial resistant and light fast from the fibers up, a concept that until now was unavailable in one fabric (in either the indoor or outdoor markets). But high performance is not enough, Bella-Dura performs equally well for the environment.

Fabric for the Future
Bella-Dura is an environmentally responsible fabric from its beginning to its end. It is the only fiber on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product of post-industrial waste and ends its life as a fully recyclable product. It requires substantially less energy to manufacture, uses only a small amount of water during its manufacturing process, and produces no harmful industrial waste.

Bella-Dura fabrics have achieved a Silver Cradle-to-Cradle™ certification and are classified as "preferred products" by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry). A limited but presently expanding color-line has achieved Gold Cradle-to-Cradle™ certification through MBDC. These certifications confirm that Bella-Dura meets or exceeds MBDC's strict standards for human and environmental health, environmentally preferable materials, strategy for renewable energy, and a comprehensive material re-utilization program.

These factors of cradle-to-cradle design make Bella-Dura™ the leading environmentally responsible fabric option in the marketplace; in fact, it could be called the environmental champion of all synthetic fibers.

The engineered, proprietary yarn technology of Bella-Dura yarn is made of a by-product from the petroleum refining process, thus reducing the need for virgin product. The very processing of Bella-Dura salvages a by-product that would otherwise be incinerated which would further contaminate the environment. The fabric is also fully recyclable after its long useful life with a breakthrough recycling program. "We wanted to create an innovative and responsible product. Its earth friendly attributes are as important, if not more important, than its performance attributes," continues Gasner.

Beautiful Indoors and Out
It wasn't enough to create the most durable fabrics for the industry; the company also strives create the most beautiful fabrics available in the marketplace. Designers demand the best and most innovative for their projects, so providing the full spectrum of color was paramount.

With its unlimited color palette and jacquard design capability, Bella-Dura creates distinctive fabrics for its distributors, fabrics that are prefect for almost any application: indoors, outdoors, hospitality, health care, commercial or residential applications.

"We are able to provide our distributors with the colors, fabrics, and textures that their clients demand," says Gasner, "and we are continuing to push the boundaries, developing more innovations and continuing to provide the very best fabric solutions to the marketplace." For more information visit


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