Focused Marking is Key to Success for Realtors in Tough Times, says Real Estate Newsletter Expert

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Real estate agents should make sure their marketing activities are tightly focused if they are to grow their farm and win more clients in a slow economy, says a real estate newsletter expert. He shows two ways that Realtors can use newsletters to win more business from past clients and attract hot prospects.

Real estate agents should make sure their marketing activities are tightly focused if they are to grow their farm and win more clients in a slow economy, says a real estate newsletter expert.

When times are tough, many Realtors choose to cut back on marketing.

But that is the wrong approach, says Simon Payn, founder of Realtor newsletter company Ready to Go Newsletters.

Instead, Realtors would be best advised to make sure they get the best results they can for their marketing money by focusing their efforts on reaching the people most likely to enter the property market.

"It's all about quality, not quantity," says Payn, who offers real estate marketing newsletters that Realtors can customize and print themselves.

There are two ways to use newsletters to accomplish highly targeted marketing, he says.

1) Keep in touch with past clients through regular communication

Real estate agents are leaving money on the table by failing to keep in touch with clients once a transaction has closed.

The main reason why clients choose another Realtor when they next enter the property market is because their real estate agent failed to maintain their relationship.

But with very little effort, a Realtor can make a client his or hers for life by continuing the trusted relationship that they were able to build up while the transaction was in progress.

Real estate newsletters are a great way of doing this. For very little money, a monthly communication that contains information that clients find useful and interesting will increase the bond between homeowner and Realtor, by continually proving that the real estate agent is an expert in their field who has the best interests of their clients in mind.

A newsletter that contains "engagement devices," such as quizzes, puzzles and offers of free information, will encourage past clients to interact with their agent, further boosting the relationship.

2) Find prospects who have demonstrated an interest in entering the property market and using the services of a Realtor

When money is tight, it pays to create a farm of people who have demonstrated their interest in property. Money should be spent on attracting and communicating only with people who have raised their hands to identify themselves as hot prospects.

One way to grow your farm is to offer free information that will appeal only to your most likely prospects. For example, run an ad or send a postcard mailing that offers a free report on "How to Sell Your Home During a Recession" or "12 Ways to Buy Wisely as Prices Fall."

People who raise their hands to ask for this information immediately identify themselves as good prospects. A Realtor can then add these names to the list of people receiving their monthly newsletter and start to build a trusted relationship.

Additionally, instead of blanketing a neighborhood with newsletters, Realtors can also use newsletters to reach prospects by distributing newsletters at "nodes" where prospects are likely to be found. For example, a real estate agent could work with a service provider in a comparable but non-competitive niche to distribute his or her newsletter. People who are in contact with the mortgage broker make good prospects for a real estate agent.

By adding some "bait" to the newsletter - free information, for example, that will appeal to the interests of your prospects - you will encourage prospects to contact you. Then you can add them to your newsletter distribution list and begin to build a relationship.

When times are tough, it pays to practice "smart" marketing. Real estate newsletters will help a Realtor do this by allowing them to focus their efforts like a laser beam on areas that will get the best results.

Simon Payn is offering a one-month free trial of his real estate newsletter templates at Ready to Go Newsletters.


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